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Simple Solutions for UGLY Stuff

Scouring pads. Wires. Various electronic doo-dads. Cleaning products. Most of the items my husband brought into the marriage. A home is full of ugly stuff.

(Hey sweetie, if you're reading this, I was just joking about that last one... your stuff isn't really all that ugly.  Besides, I donated it all years ago.)

If i had tons and tons of money I would just boy-cott every company that makes ugly stuff.  Surely there has to be a company out there selling oven cleaner in a pretty can?  Preferably in teal?  I'll buy anything teal.

But alas I do not have tons and tons of money.  So instead I've found pretty ways to hide the ugly stuff .  Here are some of my favorites:

 I love this little bowl that I use as a soap dish at my kitchen sink.  I also put little scouring pads and other scrubby things in there when i have them.  (Note to self: get more scouring pads)

I bought this decanter at a thrift store for 3 dollars.  It holds my bubble bath.  Pouring your bubbles out of a glass decanter is soooo luxurious. (even if it is kids bubble gum scented bubble bath from a giant "value size" jug)

I keep all my first aid supplies and extra cosmetics in baskets on the top shelf of my linen closet.  I made chalkboard labels for the baskets and tied them on with ribbon.

More baskets!  I love baskets.  One of these holds the uglies of all uglies: batteries and computer wires.

See that little polka-dot bowl?  It's hiding bathroom uglies like tweezers and nail clippers.  My sweet husband abhors the color yellow and has banned it from most of my home decorating, but will apparently permit it in the form of small doses of polka-dotty goodness.

Why not leave a comment below and let me know what uglies you're hiding!?


  1. I WISH I was hiding my I'm actually getting better, but i have a long way to go. After reading your post though I feel the urge to go to Value Village tonight after the kids go to bed.
    One question for you...have you found a source for cheap baskets? I, too, love baskets to hold things but find they can be quite costly just for a basket.

    1. Thrift stores often have a basket area! I have decorated my whole house with them. Typically they need hosed off (dusty) or painted (ugly color), but, they are also about $1 :-)

  2. I'm always keeping my eyes out for cheap baskets. Pretty much the only place i buy new baskets is Ikea. I've gotten most of my baskets at thrift stores and yard sales. I love the thrill of the hunt, lol.

  3. Thanks! This is very inspiring as I continue to set up the apartment and try to figure out where to put everything (like all those computer wires)...

    I use boxes from Ikea on open bookshelves a lot because I like that the lids keep the dust out (for things that don't get used often). They are cheap and they all match.

    I use clear bins under the bathroom sink, because if my husband can't see it, he can't find it. I wanted to get baskets for the closet by the front door, but the "can't see it, can't find it" is making me wonder if that would actually work (ie. would he put his hats in the basket, or would he leave them out somewhere he can see them).

    I'm quickly learning that this is an ongoing process.

  4. haha emily, That "can't see it, can't find it" thing is so true of my husband as well!

    Setting up home, and making things work for your family is definitely an ongoing process. Embrace the process and have fun!

  5. I wish I could hide the uglies, but I can't find a container big enough to cover the house... wait, is that bad? =p

    On a serious note, I will definitely be applying these tips in my own home.

  6. I'm inspired, thank you!
    Desperate to get the sewing machine out now and get making for the children's bedrooms..... and to start the organizing!!
    Your home is very beautiful :0)

  7. Hi Kelly! I am in massive decorate and make my house pretty mode, and am scouring your site for ideas. I love your pretty ideas- I just found a new one!! a bowl for the scrubbies- yay!!

    Also, I just bought the prettiest wooden tray from Target for $2.50, and it is going to look so pretty in my kitchen (which I am in the middle of painting. The cebinets, that is...I already did the walls).

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  8. Miranda Garvey-HahsJune 25, 2012 at 12:22 PM

    Just clicking around and found another gem! yay and thank you! I too have to find ingenious ways of storing uglies. I made a tissue box type thing for storing my used platic grocery bags that we save for tiny trash can liners, lunch bags and the such. I used a large, flat, sturdy box (I think our dvd palyer came in it or something.) Cut a hole like a tissue box, covered it in pretty paper, and vwa-la! It actually holds a ton of bags and makes dispensing them super easy!

  9. I have usurped a variety of cigar boxes and vintage candy tins from my father to hide things in, and also covered the fronts of unattractive book cases and a doorless set of cupboards with curtains, fitted with tension rods at the top and the bottom. It looks pretty and confuses the children, thus keeping the cups and towels where they should be.

  10. So happy to have found your site on Pinterest! So inspired! All I can say is dollar store here I come! Thank you!


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