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5 Things That Make A House Look Cleaner Than It Is

1. Smell.  It doesn't matter how clean your house really is, if it smells bad it doesn't feel clean.  The fact is, however, that a few kids, a hardworking husband and a pet or two can sure do their part to make sure your house smells more like a public bus terminal than an inviting haven.  My favorite tip to keep my house smelling fresh even when it isn't?  Spray the entry mat with fabric refresher spray so that when guests wipe their shoes they will kick up a pleasant smell!

2.  The Floors.  Clean floors go a long way to making your house look, feel, and even smell clean.  So go ahead and mop them.  Daily.  Stop laughing, I'm serious.  There are days that I fail to do this, but I always regret it later when I get a slimy wet cheerio stuck to my sock.

3.  Empty the Garbage.  An empty white trash bag in the bathroom garbage can turn an ordinary bathroom into a hotel-like luxury spa.  Well, not quite....but almost!

4.  De-cluttering.  Any ten year-old can tell you that all you need to do to make a room look satisfactorily clean is to shove everything you own under the bed.  Even a very clean house feels messy when there is stuff everywhere.  I'm not really suggesting that you shove everything under the bed, but do try packing away half of you pretty little decorative doo-dads and see if your house shines just a little bit more.   I'm certain it will.

5. Light. Don't fall for the urban legend that says dimming your lights hides the mess.  It doesn't.  Dark houses look dirty.  Open the shades and turn on some lights.  Your home will thank you.

Tell me, what is YOUR trick to make your home feel fabulously clean?
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