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32 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs

Right now the snow in my yard is knee deep and my sweet husband is digging his car out of the driveway.  Winter is in full swing, and after all the excitement of Christmas and the initial peacefulness of the post Christmas lull, all we are left with is gray skies and sub-zero temperatures.  And cabin fever.

Here are some simple and fun activities to help you cheer up and beat the winter blues.

1. Rearrange the furniture.  Sometimes a change of scenery indoors can make everything seem new again.

2. Cook some comfort food.

3. Invite some neighbors over for pie.

4. Create a vignette outside one of your windows that will remind you of warmer days to come.  Use a winter hardy chair and some decorative items to create a charming change of scenery.

5. Throw a party.  Invite all your favorite people over for a night of charades and hot cocoa.  (Spike the cocoa if you and your friends are so inclined.)

6.  Take a long bubble bath.

7. Paint your nails a fun color.

8. Watch the weather for a clear day with above zero temperatures.  Hang your bedding out to dry.

9. Spend an afternoon reorganizing a room or a cupboard or a drawer.

10. Plan your garden for spring.

11. Make cheese with your kids. 

12. Build a funny snow man.

13. Light some candles and listen to some jazz.

14. Learn a new craft.  One winter I made a braided rug.... okay, more like a doormat.

15. Convince your husband to BBQ.

16. Organize your photo albums.  Notice which ones make you smile and put those ones on display, especially if they are silly.

17. Sponsor a child.

18. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

19. Count your blessings.

20. Bake bread.

21. Shovel your neighbors driveway.

22. Start a blog.

23. Take a photography course.

24. Buy yourself some pretty flowers.

25. Help your children grow seedlings in a window sill.

26. Buy fabulous smelling hand cream for your dry wintery skin

27. Memorize a poem.  Or a proverb.  Or a whole book of the bible.

28. Enjoy a cup of tea and a favorite book.

29. Wear something colorful.

30. Try a new hair color.

31. Bundle up and go for a walk.

32. Put the Christmas mistletoe back up and see what happens.

What did I miss?  How do you stay motivated this time of year?


  1. Have a "beach" party in your living room with your kids...turn up the heat (not really frugal, but for a couple hours it may be worth it!) put on your swim suits, set up your beach towels, and wear your sunglasses and have some fun!

  2. Must be nice to have snow! Here in PA it is trying to be spring already!! We only got to go sledding once! Not Fair!! I will keep hoping for more winter like weather and SNOW!!!!! Make a snow angel for me!!

  3. Oh and for hand cream I recommend Mad Gabs Hand and body Balm. Great stuff!


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