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A Buy Nothing Project {a jewelery holder!}

It's winter, so we're broke.

My husband works in construction, so this is normal in our house.  And God always provides.

But here's the catch....

It's winter, so I want to buy stuff.

Something about being stuck inside, compounded by the regular nesting instincts of pregnancy makes me want to craft and create stuff.  But creating can so easily cost money.  Money better spent on heating bills.

So I decided to take on a series of pretty projects that use only things I have around the house.  Here's what I've created.

Step 1.  I had broken the glass in one of these frames and had kept them around for a project like this.   I covered the cardboard backing with 2 layers of burlap.

Step 2:  I looted the basement for a variety of knobs and hooks I had laying around and attached them with screws to the cardboard.

Step 3: I Dropped the finished product on the floor and subsequently spent the afternoon gluing it back together.  You can skip this step if you're not a clumsy dork like me.

I hung them behind my bedroom door.

I hang my earrings through the holes in the burlap.

What does it say about me if I have more miscellaneous knobs than jewelery to hang on them?

 Okay, it is your turn.  What can you make without buying a single thing?  Anything goes, as long as your project only uses things you already had around the house or acquired for free.  Link up your Buy-Nothing-Projects below.  Be sure to link back to my blog, either in your post or on the sidebar of your blog. I am so excited to see what you ladies can do!

And if you don't have a blog, you can still join in by commenting and letting us know what you can make without spending a dime!

EDIT: The linky party was causing my blog not to load properly, so today's linky party has been canceled. I know that sucks. Sorry!


  1. Thank you for this post. Thank you for starting out with "I'm broke". I know that is not the point of the post, but it makes me feel better right now because we are broke too right I constantly want to be able to say to my friends "no, I can't go out, because I can't afford to" but feel like I can't, and I definitely don't want a million people offering to pay every time something comes up. (as nice and kindhearted as it is). So, I find comfort in your post.
    As for the actual point of your post, I got nothing to make around my house...I'm sure I could figure SOMETHING out, but that requires time, which I am already lacking these days...but i totally get you...something about winter makes ME want to go out and shop too.

  2. We are retired so limited income is always in our vocabulary. This is a really cute way to "use it up or do without". They came out really nicely.

  3. very cute, i love them. thanks for linking to my party.

  4. Love this! Great idea!

  5. Really cute idea!! and definitely on my budget!!


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