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Cheap Solutions For Daily Clutter Problems

Regardless of how ruthlessly you de-clutter your home, there are things that come through the doors every day that can so easily build up into little piles of clutter and doom.   Okay, doom may be a little bit dramatic....

Here are a few simple and cheap ways that I deal with the daily clutter problems that plague our home.

Purses - It took me two years in this house to realize that a girl needs a place to keep her purse.  If your purse always ends up on the floor, why not try mounting a pretty hook in your entryway?

Diaper Bags and Back Packs - I have a little spot in my entryway bench reserved for our diaper bag.  A basket in the hall closet, or even just hanging it on a hook could work great too.

Donate-ables - In our home, de-cluttering isn't something we do every spring, it's a life style!  So I keep a basket handy to store anything we come across in our daily life that we just don't need anymore. 

Counter Clutter - Who doesn't have this constant war to wage against counter clutter?  In our house the things that collect on the counter are mostly bills and other paper items, and my husbands cell phone and charging cord.   So I corralled these items in a basket.  I made pretty file folders out of scrapbook paper and cardstock, and I used a cute little bowl to hold the cell phone and cord.

So, tell me,  where does the clutter seem to accumulate in  your house?

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  1. found you from Iheartorganizing, my counter clutter is always a problem and the little space became a whole snow day project! stop by!

  2. I always tell clients to find a way to store things where they use them or where they drop things when they walk in the door. I like all your solutions. The hooks look great and I love baskets. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

  3. Clutter accumulates on every flat surface of my house. Paper seems to be the biggest problem. School papers, junk mail, bills. It is every where. I need to find a new way of organizing and getting rid of things. Right now my desk is stacked up with junk.



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