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Some Real-Life Homes I *LOVE*

I posted recently about how dangerous it can be to define our sense of what a home should be based on staged magazine photos. Today I want to follow that up by showing you some of the most beautiful rooms in blog land. 

These homes aren't perfect.  They were decorated with real-world budgets and real-world time frames.  They meet the needs of the families who live in them everyday.  And if you went to these houses today, I bet you'd find that these rooms look much like they do in the following photos, except maybe, ahem, a little bit less clean.

Please go to these blogs and leave a comment  for these lovely ladies who have worked so hard to make their homes into havens for their family.  To go to the specific posts that contain the rooms I'm talking about, click on the actual photos below.  And don't forget that decorating our homes in a way that works for our families is a slow and beautiful evolution of sorts.  Embrace the process.  And before you even think about picking up a paint roller or a nail gun, choose to be content with the house you are sitting in right now.  Without further ado....

I adore this master bedroom  over at The Yellow Cape Cod.  Isn't it dreamy?

While you're there, check out her bathroom too!

While we're looking at bedrooms, what about this one from Maillardville Manor?  If I understand correctly, the blog owner has since moved from this house and is now beautifully decorating another home.  Although I think if my bedroom looked like this I would never ever be able to move away.

Go see this beautiful girly bathroom at the House of Smith's!

Lastly, there is this sweet nursery over at Scissors and Spatulas.  It may be the pregnancy hormones to blame, but I almost cried when i saw this room!

So, are there any decorating projects going on around your house?

Also, you may be interested to know that I'm hosting a blog party tomorrow featuring buy-nothing projects.  Any project that used only items you already had around the house is fair game.  So swing back tomorrow and link up.  I haven't decided yet whether to make it a weekly thing or not, so stay posted. 

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  1. I always wonder how they have everything placed just so in those pictures. Whenever I attempt to take pics of my rooms, there is inevitably something out of place, a toy, a book, a pillow placed wrong. I wonder how many times they take the same pic to get it right.
    We are working on some plans for our kitchen and getting psyched for spring so we can work outside!


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