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Finding Time

I often get asked how I find the time to do all the things I do with three little ones running around the house.  Sometimes I get asked this by moms who work outside of the home, which always really baffles me because I tend to wonder the same things about them! 
I'm not the most efficient homemaker, and I still have a lot to learn, but I do manage to squeeze a lot of productivity into most of my days.  Here are some things that help me to do that!

  1. I don't do it all.   I figure my house is probably at least 70% clean about 70% of the time.  I don't cook fancy meals every night.  My kids get baths every second night. This is good enough for us . 
  2. It's my Job.  When my husband is working, I am working around the house. (Except for large amounts of time spent on this blog!)  I don't believe it is okay to be watching television while my husband is working hard to pay the bills, so I treat homemaking like it's my job....because it is!
  3. I use pockets of time.  Whenever I have a spare moment, I sort some laundry or put some dishes away. Or repaint a room...
  4. My kids do chores.  Not only does this mean they are doing things so that I don't have to, but it also means that they are happily occupied putting laundry away in their room long enough for me to put laundry away in mine! Click here to read more about some suitable chores for young children.
  5. I have a small house.  This obviously means less housework to keep up with, but it also means I can be training and nurturing my children while doing things around the house because I'm rarely more than 20 feet away from them. 
  6. I know that it isn't my job to entertain my kids.  Nurture, yes. Teach, yes.  Feed, cuddle, bathe, discipline, listen to, laugh with, pray with, read to: yes.  But not entertain.  I believe children need to know how to play quietly for short periods of time without mommy entertaining them.  If you don't have to spend your day answering the question "What can we do now?" you free up a lot of time.
  7. My kids nap.  My oldest has started to outgrow nap time, so some days she has quiet time instead.  she can color, or play with play dough, or look at a book.  I get one full hour of peace and quiet and calm in the middle of my day.  Priceless.
  8. I involve my kids in what I'm doing.  They help me make dinner, or bake bread, or they put the sprinkles on cupcakes.  They help me sort laundry, and we sing old hymns together while we do it.
  9. I have an incredible husband.  He barbecues in the snow.  He helps with the garden in the spring.  He takes a child or two with him when he goes to the hardware store on a Saturday morning.  He can even cook!
  10. I'm passionate about my role as a wife, mother and homemaker. What a privilege it is to spend my days serving my God by serving my family!
    What helps you to get things done?


    1. Thanks for this post. It is always good to hear how others handle their time. I just find that I am most efficient when I am organized about everything, including meals, chores for any given day, etc. I love that I'm not the only one who doesn't feel the need to entertain my 4 year old. He has hundreds of toys - go play with them! He also loves to help in the kitchen, and it gives us lots of time to talk and build memories together.

      Neat post! Thanks!

    2. Kelly...I think you and I think very much alike! I love all the things you post about...very similar to many posts I've written, although my kids are a little bit older. Very great...I wish all young Moms would follow your wise advice!

      Becky B.
      Organizing Made Fun

    3. Excellent tips! I feel the same about #6. Kids need to learn to play and use their imagination. Believe it or not that is a skill that they have to develop alot of kids don't know how to do this due to the amounts of video game/t.v time but, it's a wonderful thing.

      Oh and yea my husband grills in the winter as well! lol

    4. Fell behind on your blog, so now I'm catching up. I organize my day, chores, etc much the same way. Mind you, my older two are in daycare throughout the week, when they are home, they spend most of their time playing with each other, or arguing over a toy. They have a routine for when they get home from daycare that helps too. They take their dishes from table to sink when they're finished and they put their toys away before story time/bedtime. My daughter loves helping in the kitchen... Anything fromputting the dish in the drain tray to dry, to helping fill measuring cups, or stiring batter. If she's in the kitchen, she's in heaven. Most people looks for ways to occupy their children away from them... It comes down to getting them involved. It helps instill responsibility and structure for them.

    5. Thank you for this post and your blog in general. I always come away from taking a moment to read it refreshed and encouraged. I really need it! My oldest child (my daughter) just turned 5, I have a 2 year old son and fresh little three month old twin boys, so anything that makes me remember that I CAN do it with grace and love is a God-send. Thank you.


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