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A Chili Themed Birthday Party

On the weekend we held our 4th annual Chilifest to celebrate my husbands birthday.  Here is a peak into some of our festivities!

Nothing says "The Party's Here" like tissue paper in the mailbox! (Note to self: take tissue paper out of mailbox.  Before the mail lady comes.)

Our guests were welcomed by a chalkboard sign made out of a second hand mirror.  I just removed the mirror from it's frame and covered the wood backing with self-adhesive chalkboard paper.  I set out a bucket of noisemakers and made sunscreen and bug spray available to any guests who may have forgot theirs at home.

We served a nacho buffet as an appetizer.   In place of plates we used tin foil take out trays stacked with colorful serviettes.

I kept bugs out of the drinks by cutting a square of mesh to fit over each pitcher and weighted the corners down with clothespins.

There were lawn games....

...and a homemade pinata.  See here for my tutorial on how to make your own pinata.

 Some of the guests brought Crockpots of chili to compete.  We placed each Crockpot on the buffet with a glass jar in front.  Each guest was given a little ticket and instructed to place the ticket in the jar beside their favorite chili to vote for a winner.  The winner received an engraved ladle.

We finished the evening with three different types of cupcakes: chocolate, vanilla and Pistachio.

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  1. You are chock full of brilliant creativity on a budget! I love how you see fun and beauty in even the littlest things. Much love and many blessings for you and the whole family!

  2. This is a very cool fiesta!! :)

    LOVE the buffet!! YUM!!


  3. Seriously, best party pictures ever. SO sad we missed it.

  4. Hi! So, you don't know me, and I am not even sure anymore HOW I stumbled across your blog, but I love it! Your posts/creativity are so inspiring to me- I plan on stealing some ideas;oP I love the chalkboard for everything. Anyway, my husband hates chili (for now- working on it), so I probably can't do a chili-theme for him, but some of the other little things I am excited to expound on for future parties. We are overdue for a fondue party at my house...hmmm....

  5. WOW...LOVE IT!! My girls will be graduating from Square Dance class this Saturday. This would make a GREAT party them for them and being in Texas, chili works VERY well. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas!!!

  6. Love it! Great ideas. I must try making one of those chalkboards! Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is adorable! I love the doilies on the mason jars! Favorite! I'll make sure to remember that!

  8. Fabulous! We often have a chili supper and hayride in the fall. Ours isn't at all stylish as I would say yours is. I'll have to be taking some pages out of your book.

    I've been obsessed with your blog for a few days and am reading all your posts. We live in the country too and I'm expecting our fifth. I am a wonderfully IMperfect homemaker and I love your attitude, ideas, love for the Lord and all of it! Wish we could be back door neighbors.

  9. I just LOVE this. I'm going to copy a few ideas for my fiance's birthday party! Thank you, and thanks for all your beautiful, simple ideas.


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