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Cooling Off, Apartment Style

Where I live, this summer has been hot.  I mean  really hot.  Like, potato chips and watermelon for dinner because it's too hot to cook sort of hot.

And while I've been taking my big country yard, and the opportunity to set up swimming pools and use sprinklers and host epic water gun fights for granted, my city-dwelling apartment-living friends were finding creative ways to keep their kiddos cool in the absurd summertime heat. 

In a stroke of genius, my friend Keri dumped out the winter stuff she had stored in these large plastic totes and filled the totes with water. Voila!  Simple mini kiddie pool.  

If you have some storage space you could own a tote or two just for this purpose, and when summer is over you could store summer items such as beach towels and swim suits in it until the heat returns again.  Offer bath toys and plastic kitchen items as pool toys. 

Thank you to my friend Keri for sharing this clever idea!

How do you keep your kids cool on scorching summer days? 


  1. We did this same thing at our cabin one year. The kids thought it was great! We washed 'em up when they were done. It made a good bathtub too!

  2. one year we were camping with a baby girl and we emptied the cooler and put her in it ,I have pictures.She is now forty.someone say blackmail?

  3. That's great if you live on the ground floor! We live on the 2nd floor and my downstairs neighbors wouldn't appreciate water splashing down on them (even though they should because it's so stinking hot!).

  4. For apartment dwellers without outside area. What about filing the tub with cool water and some dollar store water toys. This is what we did while living in a second floor apartment. Also blew bubbles while in the tub pool.


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