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Fun Lunches

Why not create something a little extra special for your preschoolers lunch today? 

Use whatever you have on hand: bread, cheese, veggies, deli meat and even leftovers to craft a fun lunch in the shape of a face, a house or anything that will delight your little eater.

My children decided to name the little face on their plates.  My oldest named him "Super Awesome Man" and struck a super hero pose when she announced it. My three year old named hers "Daddy".  (FYI: Daddy doesn't look anything like that.)

If you want some fun food inspiration that is far more impressive than my silly macaroni-haired Super Awesome Daddy Man, browse some of these great sites:

Little Nummies

Meet the Dubiens
And hey, these creations might even help to get picky eaters up to the table long enough to actually ingest some food.

Do you do anything special to make lunch time fun?


  1. Cute! Makes me wish I had a toddler around to feed. Can't believe I said that. :o)

  2. My son had an allergic reaction to penicillin in Dec 2010 and he was unable to eat wheat (and then dairy) for 7 months which made meals hard. So I took to bento boxes for him. This is the sort of thing I was making for him then (before dairy was excluded):
    He still gets this sort of stuff now (because it works and he loves it) but we are able to use standard bread and dairy again.

  3. Hi Kelly, thank you so much for the link :D


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