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Story Time Pillows

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I like to read to my older children while I'm feeding one of my infant twins. 

And some of you probably tried to imagine the logistics of such an endeavor. How does a woman with a baby attached to her breast keep 3 young kids happily seated long enough to listen to a story?

The answer is story time pillows.  Tired of being climbed all over by a gang of curious children who want to see the pictures, turn the pages, touch the book and elbow me in the neck, I made them each their own floor pillow for story time.

I took them to the fabric store and let them each pick out their own fabric. (Okay, I may have coached them a little bit to make sure the pillows would look nice with my decor...)

Because they picked out their own fabric, and each pillow is different, the pillows are treasured by my children.  They *LOVE* to sit on their story time pillows.  Sometimes even for an entire story!

When the pillows aren't in use they are stored neatly beside the sofa. (Or in the middle of the living room floor for everybody to trip over. )

These pillows have brought a lot of peace to our story time.  Is there anything better than a calm, quiet story time to refresh everybody in the middle of the daily chaos?

Here are a few of our favorite books to read!

What is your favorite Children's book?


  1. What a great idea and I love that they picked out their own fabric. THey looks great stored away too. THanks for linking to the party.

  2. I just discovered "The Wisdom of Solomon: A Solomon Lapp and friends Amish Storybook." My kids are loving it. In fact, even my 9 year old listens to it with us, and I caught him reading it on his own today! It's by Wanda E. Brunstetter and while I had read much of her adult fiction about the Amish, this was the first children's book we have read by her. it is great.

  3. LOVE this idea... but how do you do all you do with FIVE children so young?!?! I have 5 boys, ages 2-15, and when I am asked that question (How do you do it?) I have to answer, "Poorly!!"

  4. What a neat idea! We have 3 kids - 3 years, 2 years, and 7 months old. I love this idea so very would keep the poor baby from getting SMUSHED when they're climbing over her little nursing self to be on my lap while I'm reading to them!

    By the way, I found your blog through Jen's organizing post today...and I'm impressed. Not just with your kitchen (which is so nice!) but also with the content of your blog. I'm adding you to my Google reader, and I look forward to reading your posts! Thank you for sharing your ideas and your faith! :)

  5. May I ask what the pillows were stuffed with? I've been trying to seek out a huge floor cushion for my son's "Reading corner" for him to sit and lounge on, but the biggest that most places have are just European cushions (65cm x 65cm) OR if I DO find a huge 1metre-ish size, it costs $100+ !!

    I was going to just buy fabric and make my own covers but didn't know what to stuff it with - I thought craft stuffing would bunch up?

    Thanks in advance :)

  6. Love the pillows! And, I too would like to know what you used for stuffing.

  7. These are fantastic. I would like to make some too. Can you tell me, what the measurements?


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