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{OrganizedHome} Day 10: Sometimes You Just Have to Live With it.

Sometimes you just have to live with some clutter and mess and disorganization.

Like when you harvest a bazillion spaghetti squash from your garden and have nowhere to put them.

Do you think we planted too much?
Or when you have a new baby, or a new job, or a new house.  Or a headache. Sometimes life will disrupt our homes.  That's okay.

Sometimes you just have to live with the mess.  Like when you've been blogging for 10 days straight.  Or when you're busy making pumpkin pies (and memories) with the kids.

Happy Thanksgiving today to all of my Canadian readers.  Have a blessed day with your families.

P.S.  I promise tomorrow we will get back to all the nifty tips and tricks, but today I'm going to eat pumpkin pie with some of the most fabulous people I know.

[This is day 10 in a 31 day series called 31 Days to an Organized home.  Thanks for stopping by!]


  1. I don't know how you can do it with a newborn! My kids are in school all day and it's hard for me to keep up! Yes, messes are OK to have. They remind you of the people you love!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  2. Glad to know messes are okay. I wish I had planted that much spaghetti squash! What a blessing of overage to have.

  3. Oh, my, yes.
    Five weeks down, now, with a broken foot has taught me this. It's also taught my kids that they need to step it up a bit. Mom isn't dashing up the stairs to change out the laundry, so they have to. Meals are MUCH more relaxed, and much more creative, too. Hopefully only one more week down for me, but oh, am I glad that my husband sees the need for things, too...he's keepin' it sane around here. :)

    1. When i hurt my knee i got around the house on an rolling office chair i could still do everything except stairs good luck

  4. We made pumpkin pie, too. It is gone already- YUM! Enjoy those memories- they are way more important than a clean house or blogging! :)

  5. Love this...pie making in PJ's!!!

  6. I agree! Some days it's okay to just let go :) Holidays bring temporary clutter and mess but also great fun. "A little dirt don't hurt" is my motto during these times.

  7. I let my father in law's significant other make a chocolate pudding pie when they came to visit. It was a good time. We even got my husband to "make" the ham. (Meaning put it in the pan and in the oven.)

  8. Hi Kelly!
    I just found this post on my way to making your crafty hooded baby blankets. It got me thinking about all the squash we harvested one year.
    My son, Austin planted MANY seeds in his patch of the garden and produced a bumper crop. What to do with them all? During a well attended homeschool meeting at our home, Austin gave out little slips of numbered paper and said there would be a draw. He pulled the first number and the winner won...a squash! The second winner won...a squash! The third winner won... a squash! Well, you get the picture: everyone was a winner!
    All of your children's stages will one day be precious memories for you and your family to share. :)

  9. I was so happy to walk into a friend's house yesterday and see that she too has a messy house sometimes! I was completely comfortable since mine is the same way at some point everyday! If we can pick up what we can each's bearable. I'm seeing that each space I organize is that much easier since everything has it's place... I'm finally tackling the clutter caused by working from home by organizing a small office area. Once I have all that in it's place, it'll be easier to keep a cleaner house! Our house is "lived in"'s okay. THANK YOU for this post!

  10. In a previous post, (which I can't find for the life of me!) you showed how you store garlic in a jar which your husband put holes in the lid for you. I was wondering if onions could be kept in the way (in a much larger jar!)? I have limited counter space and 2 jars would fit so much better then my current bowl...Thanks!!


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