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A Review of Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Products

Today I want to introduce you to one of my new favorite cleaning products.  I *love* Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products.  Have you tried them?

I use the Lemon Verbena Counter spray in my kitchen, and I use it for so much more than just the counters!   The cute packaging and refreshing scent brings a sense of indulgence to ordinary chores.  And most importantly, it works! I even  use it to clean up the cooked on gunky-ness that sometimes gathers on the stove top.

Gunky-ness is a word, right?

They have a variety of products in a selection of scents,like Lavender, Geranium and Basil.  They even have special scents for Christmas!   How great is that?!   I can't wait to try the Orange Clove products this holiday season. 

You can find a store near you that carries them by visiting the Mrs. Meyer's website.  Or you can purchase them through   Some of the products even qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping!

[I am an Amazon Affiliate.  I may receive a small referral fee for this recommendation.  Amazon didn't ask me to write this post, and the opinions expressed are my own.  I seriously love these products and wouldn't recommend them if I didn't!  Head over to and help support The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking by treating yourself to some fabulous cleaning products. Thanks so much!]

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  1. I've been hooked on the Lavender scent for years. I order in bulk from Amazon because there's no Target or Whole Foods within a 90-minute drive. The great thing about them (besides the scent) is how I can use them in my home, especially in the tub my kid uses and around the kitchen, without fearing consequences from horrifying chemicals.

    I get a six-pack of the multipurpose cleaner and use that (mixed with a little water) to refill my countertop spray bottles. I also buy a 12-pack of the dish detergent. Since I don't have a dishwasher, I do everything by hand and I can't stand the idea of those skin-drying, creepy chemicals all over my hands and dishes.

    I may be a little overly intense about Mrs. Meyer.

  2. I love the lemon verbonna scent! And I love that I can buy it at my locally-owned Ace Hardware. A better cleaner at a local business. Perfect. I pay around $9 a bottle for the concentrate, but by the time I water it down to fill up the spray bottle it's pennies per refill.

  3. I switch back and forth between Geranium and Lavendar - I love EVERYTHING they make! Orange Clove sounds super yummy!

  4. Love this product! I use the lemon verbena in the kitchen although the basil is really nice too. Lavender makes the best wash for sheets and towels! Can't wait to try the orange clove during the holidays.

  5. I love the lemon verbena scent as well. I love the way it works on my Corian counters. I haven't tried the laundry wash. I just discovered them earlier this year. The Orange Clove sounds wonderful. I will have to try it.

  6. I'm a huge fan of Mrs. Meyers and I get their little clean up sets on sale for great prices at I first got the Pine one that was a seasonal scent and I LOVED it. Then I started to run out and picked the Snap Pea scent that was on sale, scent unsmelled. OMG. I warn you...please do not buy the the snap pea variety. It made my house smell like jalapenos. Everyone who came in said "What is that SMELL??" Hands down, everyone hated it. I gave it to my sister-in-law, at a loss, and she used it for a prank for her office and it drove everyone at her office crazy. She kept wiping the breakroom down with it and everyone was complaining about the smell, trying to figure out what was causing that horrible smell. lol...

  7. Hmm, I may have to give them a try! :)

    I have an unrelated question - HOW do you get the little widget for your amazon products? I cannot figure it out!! :)

  8. I have seen this product at Marshalls ~ will have to try and let you know how much $$ it is there. Thanks for the tip!!

  9. I've been using these products since they came out. I love the lemon verbena and rosemary scents.

  10. I love their products too and are able to find them at Roots Organic Market near our home. I have not tried the lemon verbena scent yet but will try them. I really favor the lavender scent..As a child I always loved to smell the honeysuckle flower so of course, I had to try that for my cleaning product for the bathroom shower..Both me and my cleaning lady had to open up the bedroom window, it was just too strong and gave me the headache. So I have saved that for cleaning the trash cans, or something outside. What's this about a Clove scent? Is this a new one that has just been introduced? What does the geranium smell like?


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