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New Coffee Table from an Old Door

My husband does renovations, and will often salvage things he knows I might like.  Like wooden doors and old glass knobs.

One day, while coming home in the van, the kids asleep in the back, I asked my husband if he had a old door lying around.  He said yes.  But why?

"Never mind."

A few more kilometers down the road, I asked if the door had a window.  "No" he said.


"But why?" he asked again.

"It's nothing.  Don't worry about it.  Is it solid wood?  I need it to be solid wood."

Yes, it's solid wood.  What do you want it for?!"

"You're not gonna like it" I said with a smirk.

Oh, and he didn't like it.  Through every step of the project, when I stood back and exclaimed this is going to look awesome!  He would say something like "it's gonna look like an old door..."

Until he saw it in our living room.  You know what? He loves it!

And so do I!

You can find a ton of great tutorials out there on how to paint furniture, but basically we scraped, sanded, primed, painted and clear coated.

The legs were cut down from an old dinner table and spray painted teal, of course. 

I distressed the top a little because, let's face it, it's gonna get distressed one way or another.

We mostly used paints and products we had lying around. So except for a small can of primer, this project was free!

And just for the sake of authenticity, here's what it really looks like most of the time:

Still pretty great, if you ask me.  Even with the Batmobile hanging out on it!

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  1. It looks fantastic! What is the name of the blue paint?

  2. It looks great well done!
    We have an old door as our dining table.

  3. I love it!! Great idea and great job.

  4. This is great! I like how it's not a full door- there just isn't always space in some houses for a full sized door-table. And the handle is pretty too. Cheap is the best price ever!

    If Work Permits

  5. I love it! However, i don't do coffee tables in my's just another place to gather junk, and in my house, it's already hard enough to manage! Maybe one day when the kids are older....

  6. absolutely love the table complete with it's door knob, so pleased it is so well used as well ;)

  7. How cute! How clever! And the price is perfect. New follower, and I'm voting for you over at "A peek at Karen's world."

  8. Your idea turned out to be very inspirational. I have a lot of poor student friends (with no furniture) and I am thinking of making something like this for one of them. My only question would be where do you find old doors from?

  9. Good question Tyler faye! It was easy for me because my husband does renovations and is always ripping out beautiful old things because people want shiny new (air tight) ones. But I suppose you could check at a reStore if there is one near you. ReStore is owned by habitat for humanity and they sell used building materials...the proceeds help build homes for deserving it's definitely a great place to shop for things like this!

  10. G-E-N-I-U-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. hey Kelly- you REALLY need to clean that sofa:)~ (just kidding)saw the blog. you are great

  12. Before we had a formal dining set I asked my husband to grab me one of the solid oak doors from a bldg in town that was closing. He just couldn't get the vision. of his friends did it and he loved it! ....I missed out. Love this idea.

    One way to expand this would be to either have a piece of glass cut the length & width of the door and then put pictures and such under it, or have small pieces cut for the "cut outs" in the door and put pics under them. Also, things don't tip over into the recesses that way.

    Good for you for going for it!

  13. I've been wanting to do something like this too!! Thanks for that added inspiration I need to continue my search for the perfect door!!
    Love your blog! Just found it today, thanks to pinterest. I'm a new blogger and can't seem to get myself in a routine to post as often as I like, hopefully I'll find a balance soon. I try not to let it stress me out! That just takes the fun out of it. :)

  14. This is such a brilliant project. I love the idea of making a coffee table out of an old door material. By the way, that knob adds a good accent on that table.


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