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Quick Tip: A Dispenser for Homemade Spice Mixes!

A while back, I shared my recipe for homemade Taco seasoning.  I use this recipe several times a week: in tacos and chili, as well as any Mexican inspired casseroles or soups I might make.

And each and every time I get out all the spices to measure them for that one meal, I would think to myself: there has to be an easier way!

And then one day it occurred tome: a formula dispenser!

If you don't already know, you can by these things anywhere baby stuff is sold.  They have several compartments and a lid that turns so that you can dump out the contents of one compartment at a time. It's so that when your heading out with baby you can take pre-measured amounts of powdered baby formula instead of the whole can and scoop.

But I filled mine with Taco seasoning!

I'm considering making another one with the spices for apple crisp.  And another with my homemade pumpkin pie spice.  You could do this for any dish you make often but dread getting all the spices out for each and every time!

Oh, I *almost* forgot!

The winner of Monday's Giveaway is....


Her true Housewife confession made me laugh because it is something I have done too!  She said: 
 "sometimes my sweet son has to remind me that they didn't brush their teeth before bed, and since they are already in bed, I tell them we will do it extra good in the morning because I just want to go to bed!"
 Nicole will be receiving a copy of Style at Home: Favourite Holiday Ideas!

Thanks to everybody who entered.  Wasn't it fun to read each others homemaking confessions?  I know I enjoyed it!

Thanks so much for visiting the Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking!


  1. Sheer genius! Hooked on your blog the moment I repinned "31 Days to an Organized Home" on Pinterest.

  2. Another idea (and what I do) is to just make up a large batch of seasoning and store it in a glass jar. I just measure it out by the tablespoon when I cook. =)

  3. I keep old spice jars and reuse them. I have a homemade gyros mix, chili mix and a pork rub right now.


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