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So Simple Christmas Centerpeice

Start with a simple plate or platter (I used a silver platter so that it won't break if my kids hit it with a toy mallet.)  Add some candles.

Add a grapevine wreath.(Mine had some little berry things on it from one of it's previous lives.  I was going to remove them, but opted to leave them. A plain grapevine wreath would look just as great!)

Add some dollar store vase fillers and pine cones.  (Or, if you don't have young children in the house that you frequently liken to a tornado, maybe some glass ornaments and a bead garland!)

Ta-da!  I told you it was simple.   It took about 4 minutes and used items I already had around the house. Aren't those the best projects?

My favourite part is that the centerpiece is virtually kid friendly.  As in, my kids can accidentally throw it off the table and it *probably* won't break.  Bonus!

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