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{Quick Tip} How I Prevent Scuff Marks on my Dining Room Walls

If you are a regular reader of you probably know that I recently took down some fabulous Damask wallpaper in our dining space because we are staging our house to sell.

And I miss it.  *sniff*

Anyways, the reason we originally put it up in the first place was because our assortment of dark mismatched dining chairs had a tendency to leave dark scuff marks on our pale walls. Back then we discussed putting up a chair rail, but a black chair rail would've cut the room in half, visually speaking.  And thus the fabulous, dramatic, gorgeous wall paper was born. (And for the record, it was my husbands idea!)

So now that it's gone, here's what I've done to protect our walls:

I bought a pack of felt pads meant to protect the floor from furniture legs.

And stuck them to the backs of the chairs!

So...does it work?  So far, so good.  We've had the wall paper down for a couple weeks now and we don't have a single scuff mark on the wall!

Obviously the pads only protect the wall if the chairs hit it at an ordinary angle, which means that for the time being I've had to issue a moratorium on spinning the chairs around backwards to pretend that they are pirate ships.  

It's also a super thrifty solution.  It would be even thriftier if I could convince my 2 year old to stop peeling them off and sticking them to his face...

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  1. That's a great idea! You had me laughing at the sticking them on his face comment!

  2. That is a great idea!! I never thought of that before!! Also cute remark about your 2 year old peeling them off and wearing them!! Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work great to take scuff marks off walls too.

  3. Mr Clean magic erasers will also take the paint off the wall with the scuff marks

  4. What a great idea. Just painted my wall and my 17 yr. old somehow hit the chair against the wall and messed the paint up. Now a trip to Lowes. Thaniks.


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