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{Home Staging 101} Part 4: Staging Bathrooms

{This is part 4 in a series called Home Staging 101.  The lovely and talented Kym Tarr of Shoestring Home Staging is teaching us all how to stage a home for sale. Join me as I learn how to put my home's best foot forward!}

We have seven people in our house and one bathroom.  (Granted, 2 of those people are infants who don't have much use for a bathroom just yet.)  Which means that this bathroom is a work horse.  I need to make it look like the restful retreat I know it can be even though there are 5 people spitting toothpaste in there several times a day.  Here are the changes Kym Recommended for my bathroom:

Make it sparkle.   I scrubbed the tiles and grout, washed the baseboard, dusted the light, shined the fixtures, washed the mini-blinds (I've shared before about my simple way to clean mini blinds), and scrubbed everything.  Cleaning is the cheapest way to make any room look better!

Remove Personal Products.  I placed our bath products in a shower caddy that can be tucked in the linen tower between uses.  I wish I'd done this years ago!  There's nothing pretty about a bottle of body wash...tuck it out of sight!

Add fluffy white towels. Is there anything more luxurious and indulgent than fluffy white towels? I added some white bath towels on the edge of my bath tub and a white hand towel by the sink.

Add greenery or flowers. My bathroom almost always has a flower or two because they make me happy and my bathroom is where I go to hide from the children, er, um....I mean have a bubble bath and relax....

Kym also suggested that I remove the garbage can for showings.  Which, of course, is great advice. But I'm trying to keep my list of things to do before showings small because, let's face it, just getting things tidy and five kids out the door is going to be an ordeal! So instead, I made room under my vanity for the garbage can to live there full time.  This meant tucking products we don't use every single day in the linen closet and keeping only the necessities in the vanity cabinet.  It is worth it to have one less thing to think about on our way out the door!

We also replaced some loose tiles and removed some decorative shelves.  All in all, staging our bathroom was nearly free.

Here's the before and after pics of our newly staged bathroom:

Kym's top 3 tips for staging YOUR bathroom:

1.Make it cleaner than clean! Scrub down tiles, wash or change the blinds, curtains & shower curtains. Don’t forget shower door frames, window sills, light fixtures, baseboards and behind the toilet.

2. Ditch Carpets, seat covers and bath mats. They hold onto moisture and odors. Mats that fit around the pedestal of toilets and sinks look old fashioned.

3. Get rid of your ‘stuff’ When selling, clear every surface of all your day to day care products. Personal items distracts buyers. Limit counter top decor to a hand towel and pretty soap dispenser.

To learn more abut Kym Tarr and her virtual home staging services visit her website   You can also "like" her on facebook or follow her on twitter and pinterest.

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  1. We have 6 people and 3 bathrooms and none looks as neat as yours! I need to get to work!

  2. awesome advice...thanks for the tips!! BTW your bathroom looks SUPER clean :)

  3. Thank you!!!!!! We have a showing of our house on Saturday... and even though all other lookers said our house showed well we didn't do this. Will be staging my bathrooms tomorrow now! =)

  4. When we staged our home to sell, it became the house we wished we lived in. Clutter free, clean. I need to declutter.

  5. What did you use on the grout? Particularly on the step up to your tub surround. In the pictures, it appears to go from a dark color to white! Your bathroom looks gorgeous. I'm surprised at what a difference a clean white towel makes. So you take them down in between showings?

    1. The step is where we replaced tiles that were we used white grout this time to match the tub instead of the black grout from the floor....that's why it looks so different!

      We are using the white hand towels all the time...they really don't get as dirty as you'd think! :)

  6. Hello Mrs Kelly,
    I'm currently in the process of staging my home to sell on the market. I saw u have an 8 part series?? If so, please help me with what u r doing to the rest of the house. I've already started with the kitchen and bathroom. Please show us more!!! Thanks for your help. I really am enjoying your blog:)

  7. You bathroom looks very organized, I really admire what you did. Thanks.

  8. Lighting can definitely change the mood of the room especially if you'll use a coated bulb.

  9. looks lovely-the mirror is wonderful!


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