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{SavourTheSeason} Day 12: Rest

I had another post planned for today that didn't turn out how I had hoped. I considered staying up late, fixing it, coming up with something, crafting or baking up a storm.

Instead, I am going to pop some Jeff Buckley in the stereo, enjoy a warm beverage, do some crocheting, and pay close attention to the little gymnastics going on in my womb.  Because it is so easy for me, in this pinterest-inspired age we live in, to get wrapped up in all the fabulous creative ways to savour this season that I forget to just sit down and breathe.

So just in case I'm not the only one who is a little over-stretched, over-stressed, and over-scheduled this autumn, feel free to take this as a challenge to pencil in some time to do almost nothing at all. And rest.

{This is day 12 in a 31 day series about savouring autumn. Thanks for stopping by!}


  1. Good decision! And thank you for the reminder :).

  2. Rest may just be one of the best ways to savour the season!

  3. Great advice! I think I might just sit and knit for a bit, too. And thanks for your blog, I've been following you for a few months now and really enjoy your perspective.

  4. Love your is the only one i follow..Was planning on cleaning up the kitchen your blog and decided to rest a bit ... thanks.. Enjoy the is going to rain on saturday where I live..

  5. I had to have a day of rest on day 9 of my series as well. Sometimes it's just as important to not do something as it is to do it!

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