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{SavourTheSeason} Day 9: My Accidental Mantlescape (Creating Cozy without Clutter!)

A while back, I wrote about our new, more minimalist approach to seasonal decorating.  As part of our desire to own less, spend less, and want less we have really simplified our take on seasonal decor.  In that post I celebrated the fact that I no longer felt the pressure to create an autumn mantlescape or a beautiful porch vignette.

So when my husband brought a bunch of squash and pumpkins in from our garden and they began to take over my kitchen, I looked around my house and discovered that I had a big empty cleared mantle to put them on.  I was originally just plunking them there until I had a chance to cook them, but I quickly began to feel that it was more beautiful than any vignette I could have contrived!

Of course, the mantlescape keeps changing as I cook some squash and buy or harvest others.  I just made a bunch of pumpkin puree, so now the mantle looks much cleaner and simpler.  I still think it's lovely, and the squash are out of the way until I need them.

We can celebrate the abundance of a harvest season, and create cozy in our homes without adding clutter.  I believe that our homes can reflect the seasons in simple, authentic ways without weighing heavily on our to-do lists or our craft budgets.

 [This is day 9 in a 31 day series about celebrating autumn. Click here for more fall inspiration!]


  1. So pretty! :)

  2. Lovely! I loved the look of overflowing pumpkin and squashes!

  3. My oldest son had a field trip last week to an apple orchard and pumpkin farm. He got to pick a small pumpkin, so I placed it on a painted white wooden tray along with some beautiful red leaves from a bush out front. Didn't cost me a penny and looks beautiful!

  4. At the store the other day I itched to buy a bunch of fall decor. I thought of you and passed. Less is so much more - thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Beautiful! Simple can be so gorgeous.

  6. Love the gourd display. So beautiful with your fireplace. I'm with ya...cut back and cut down. I want to simplify my life. We have too much stuff!

  7. I agree we can celebrate the season in a simple and very cheap way.Celebrating season is not about how much you spent for the occasion.It's about what the spirit of season.

  8. Simple and beautiful. As I was looking at your mantle I realized that I have a very large entertainment center that needs to be cleared off and decorated for fall. You are such an inspiration. Thank you.


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