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Our DIY Play Kitchen

I have been sooooo excited to share this with you all!

My husband and I made a play kitchen for our 18 month old twins for Christmas and I am thrilled with how it turned out.  It is sleek and pretty and a little bit cutesy all at the same time and it even kinda goes with my decor.   I want to play with it.  Okay, I have played with it.

My husband built it mostly out of 1x12 inch pine boards. The legs are cut from a scrap piece of 1x1 that we had and the stove burners are circles of plywood, painted with a glossy black paint.

The hinges, knobs, and handle for the oven were all things we had laying around in our basement, so they cost us nothing.  We asked on facebook if any of our friends had a spare kitchen faucet we could have and somebody did, so that was free too!

For the oven door, we bought an 8x10 piece of Plexiglas from Lowe's for 2 dollars.  My husband chiseled out a groove for it on the inside of the oven door and glued it in to place with clear silicone.

The curtain is hung from some picture hanging wire and small screw-in eye hooks.

Behind the curtain is a place to store all of their play kitchen items, mostly extra kitchen things I had on hand as well as a few thrift store finds.

The whole project cost us about 41 dollars.  It would've cost less except that I couldn't resist these cute little heart shaped hooks.

And I think the twins love it almost as much as I do!

Oh, and remember the cute little crochet cupcakes I mentioned last week?  After reading that post, my awesome sister-in-law made some! Isn't she sweet?

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12 Random Things: An Update of Sorts

I'm still savouring quiet days at home with our new sweet baby girl.  ( quiet as things get with six kids!) But I also miss this blog and am planning to begin blogging somewhat regularly again after Christmas.  In the meantime I thought I'd share an update in the form of twelve random facts, thoughts, and links.

1.  We're building a play kitchen for my 18 month old twins for Christmas.  It's coming along nicely and I'm taking a lot of in-progress pictures so I can blog about it after the holidays.   If I have enough time before Christmas day I am going to crochet some of these adorable little cupcakes to go along with it.  Who am I kidding, I'm not going to have time....

2. The other day a friend confessed on facebook that she had added a tablespoon of candy cane ice cream to her homemade cafe mocha and I pretty much drooled all over my laptop.  I haven't tried it yet, but mark my words, I will.  Oh my goodness I have the most brilliant friends ever.

3. For the first time in 7 years I wish we owned a television because I have heard so many good things about the show Duck Dynasty, I sorta-kinda-almost wish I could watch it.

4.  I need a nap. Or a Molly Maid.  But mostly a nap.

5. A friend hosted a gingerbread house party last weekend and our family took home the prize for best decorated house.  In all fairness, we were allowed to vote for our own gingerbread house and we came equipped with more little voters than any other family there so our win may not be quite as legitimate as I'd like to believe, but I'll take what I can get.

6. Hubby and I made a nativity block set for the kids using these instructions.   I am so happy with the way they turned out!

7. For the first time ever today I tried the old boil-some-orange-peels-and-cinnamon-sticks-on-the-stove trick to make my house smell festive and it worked so well that I can't believe I've never done this before.  The only draw back is that my house smells so scrumptious, hubby is going to come home and think I've baked some fabulous treat when in fact I have not.

8. Christmas cookies.   I've eaten a lot of them.   We've really fallen for this molasses cookie recipe, although we don't melt the butter and we make them in the stand mixer instead of a pot.  They are so good that we  made a batch to give away and accidentally ate them.

9. Watch this video without smiling a big happy goofy grin, I dare you.

10. The other day, at a social event, a friend offered to hold my baby so I could go pee.  Thank you kind soul.

11. I am loving our handmade Christmas.  Except for a couple trips into a craft store and a hardware store for handmade gift supplies, I have done absolutely no Christmas shopping, and it feels awesome.  We drive past the mall and laugh (um...lovingly....) at all the people looking for a parking spot.

12. We are so completely smitten with our new baby girl.  You'd think that by our sixth kid the whole "Wow, come look at her itsy-bitsy teensy-weensy toes!" would start to get old.  It doesn't.

Thanks so much for visiting The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.  Merry Christmas!

She's Here!

Our baby girl was born last Friday afternoon. She is healthy, and sweet, and has completely captured our hearts. I wish a photo could possibly capture how perfect and kissable she is.

She weighed 7 lbs 3 oz.  We had a natural midwife-assisted delivery in hospital and got to come home later that day.

The dishes aren't done, the laundry can wait, and I'm a week behind on emails.  But these days are so fleeting and precious, so we are taking the time to savour them.

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