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12 More Things

In December I shared a bunch of links and other tidbits in the form of a list of 12 random things.  Since I have some more links and tidbits to share I thought it's about time for another "12 Things" post.

1. Our Dreadlocks. As some as you know, hubby and I dreaded our hair in the summer. And I am shocked by the number of readers who have been asking for an update on our hair. So I'm just going to bite the bullet and tell you that the dreadlocks, unfortunately, didn't last.  My hair didn't want to stay dreaded and I was getting tired of constant maintenance.  I just don't have that much time to devote to my hair right now. So I applied some conditioner a few times and the dreads came right out.

My husband's dreads locked up great and looked awesome.  But for reasons I still don't understand, one  day I woke up and he had cut his dreads off. And  most of his beard! 

2.This grain-free, sugar-free coffee cake.  If you are gluten or grain free or have a friend who is that you really want to bless, make this cake. 

3. This 52 Lists Project by Morrea Seal.  She gives a topic each week and you write a list. I am a list maker by nature and always in need of a little inspiration when it comes to journalling and memory keeping so I am so on board with this idea.

4. I love this post: 200 Ways to Bless your Children with a Happy Childhood.

5. My Dishwasher broke, and we decided not to replace it.  And you know what?  I don't even miss it except that now there is a hole in my kitchen where the dishwasher used to be.  We're thinking of putting little cubbies with baskets in it's place.  In the mean time I've put my cute Raskog Trolley from Ikea there.  I'm a sucker for turquoise.  But you already knew that....

6. This smile.  It melts my heart every single day.

7. I'm getting a craft room!!! (Can you tell I'm excited?)  We've decluttered so much in the last year that I've been able to clear out what was a storage room in the basement and turn it into a sewing/crafty space. More on that coming soon!

8. "Become the kind of person who notices the good in others–and speaks it."- from How to Pay a Compliment at Modern Mrs. Darcy.   This post really made me consider how to be more intentional with compliments instead of just blurting out awkward things like "nice, um....shirt, or something, you know..."

9. I seriously love my Bravado Nursing Tanks.  That is all.

10. I wouldn't have thought that I was the type of person to take blurry pictures of a fortune cookie with my cellphone and post it on the Internet, but it was just too good not to share.   It says "Man's mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled."  That is pretty much my entire homeschool philosophy summed up in a fortune cookie.  

(I looked it up, and it's actually a quote by Dorthea Brande.)

11.Lately I've been loving the blog A beautiful Mess.  If there is a blog you are really enjoying lately (other than, you know, this one...ahem) please tell us about it in the comments so we can all check it out!

12. Starting this Friday I'm going to be doing a weekly series/feature thingy that I'm really excited about.  So stay tuned, okay?

Thanks so much for visiting The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking. And Happy Valentine's Day to my lovely loyal readers. I love you guys!


  1. While cleaning the kitchen this evening after dinner I thought to myself "I don't think I've seen a post for Imperfect Homemaking lately. I wonder what she's up to." Then after putting the kids to bed I pop on FB and what do I see? You!!

    Cassie - Reno, NV

  2. First of all, your hair looks amazing! I too was wondering about the dreadlocks. It looks gorgeous now!
    Second, I'm totally making that coffee cake. I have a bag of coconut flour and absolutely no idea what to do with it.
    Third, that little smile makes me want to have another baby. Even though I'm not having any more babies.
    And fourth, I enjoy A Beautiful Mess as well... and I'm also loving Keeping It Cozy --

    Congrats on the craft room!

    1. Wow! Just from a brief look at the first page of Keeping it Cozy I know I'm going to love it. I can't wait until I have a chance to poke around a bit more! Thanks, Sarah, for the recommendation!

    2. Isn't it a lovely blog?

      Oh, and another one I can't get enough of lately is Life In Grace - - I think you would really like this one too!

    3. Yes! I used to read Life In Grace regularly and I kinda forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder..I'm adding it to my Reader now!

  3. Hi Kelly! Regarding #11 - besides your blog, I am currently loving Awsomely Awake ( It is all about intentional parenting and how to be in the moment with your children. I highly recommend checking it out!

  4. I enjoy your posts IMMENSELY. I love your life...reading about all your activities and projects gives me hope for the future. It makes me feel good to have your energy injected into my days. Thanks for all you do, Kelly.

    Mother Connie

  5. Item 6 : who couldn't love that face! What an adorable smile. :)

  6. That smile has just lit up my day, what a gorgeous baby you have, she is adorable.

    Sue xx

  7. I love Bah Humpug:

    This pug owner does drawings of her pugs. She has a great sense of humor and quite a lot of talent. I think anyone who has ever loved a dog will enjoy it.

  8. What a charming smile! I love your kitchen cart, too. Sadly, the last time we were at IKEA (2 hours from home) they were sold out! I guess everybody else loved that blue as much as I did :)

    Thanks for the mention!

  9. The one problem about getting your posts by subscription to my e-mail is that I don't have a chance to comment!
    It doesn't make any sense whatsoever, but I totally have wondered about your hair for a while too! It looks great!
    I just wanted to comment today because just yesterday I saw an awesome link for a DIY post from A Beautiful Mess on my other favorite blog and I just think that is neat, it is such a crazy small world, even in cyberspace!
    Love your random things!

  10. You continue to amaze me. You are such an inspiration to me. I just love your blog. Thank you so much for writing.

  11. Oh Kelly. ABM is sooo great! I'm so glad you enjoy them, too. I really enjoy all of Elsie and Emma's blogger friends, too, but especially Rachel Denbow
    And also Elise Blaha Cripe has super good tips about documenting and goal setting with lots of crafty cuteness sprinkled in.

    I really wish I could dress as hip as those guys, too!

  12. Hi, I was wondering about your new puppy! I was looking forward to some pics of all your babies with their pup... kids & sweet! I recall when my Irish Setter was a pup he was almost as much work as a child, lol, especially nightimes, and potty training!

    1. Hi Adrienne! When the new baby came we had to find the puppy a new home. I just didn't have enough time for him (go figure!) and it wasn't fair to him. We did successfully house train him though before we gave him away to a couple from church! :)

  13. Happy Valentine's Day! :)
    Your hair looks great and you look happy! :)

  14. What a great post! Your hair is lovely - so glad the dreads are gone - ha, ha! The baby is a doll . . . love the turquoise cart (my favorite color for quite awhile). Check everyday for a new post! Blessings on this Valentine Day.

  15. Just discovered your blog recently. Love the pics and the honesty. Keep writing! Blessings, Cara

  16. Have you noticed yet the change in your electric bill from losing the dishwasher? Ours was quite lovely and very noticeable at almost $20 a month! Those booger machines waste a ton of electricity!!
    As for blogs we've been following,I could shamelessly plug my own, but I won't! I am a big fan of yours, and Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) is hilarious! ( and I've followed Trina Holden for quite some time, she is very inspirational ( and I've followed one of your buddies Beth for a while now and love her! (

  17. I love all the posts this week, Kelly!
    And welcome to the no-dishwasher club :)
    We've had a dishwasher every home we've lived in... but they've ALWAYS been broken. So as much as it's part of our "norm" there are definitely days I wouldn't mind getting one as a present or something...

    It's so funny I was thinking about your dreads too - weird?
    Sometimes I wish it was acceptable for toddlers to have dreads because my three year old would be a great candidate...

    Excited for the new and exciting things!

  18. Ok so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little sad about the dreads, but only because I've always secretly wanted to dread my hair and was going to enjoy living vicariously through you! hehe LOVE your blog and so glad I found it through pinterest. Looking forward to the future of your posts :) Your new baby (well, all of them) are absolutely beautiful. You're a big inspiration!! Blogs I read are, of course, yours,, and That's about it, though. I'm kind of finnicky about my blogs ;)

  19. Great post! We're a dishwasher-free house, too. When we bought our house, it had a dishwasher, but it was ugly and probably broken. I've never had one, so I don't even know how to work one! I told DH to take it out, which surprised him. We added shelves to the space and I hung a cafe curtain on a tension rod so its a pretty spot now. (:

  20. Hi Kelly, I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how much of a blessing you have been to my life. Right now, the chalkboard in my kitchen reads "Don't let comparison steal contentment." You have no idea how much i needed that little phrase. I have instituted and "Action, File" system which has saved my sanity, and after 3 years in our home I have finally organized my linen closet in a manner that should actually work!! If you ever get tired of your Bravado nursing tank, you should check out They are amazing. I wear one everyday. Lastly, how on earth do you have time to do dishes too?!?!?!?!?!?! - Cheryl H

  21. I love your ideas! I love the "simple" way of living!
    The blog that I recommend is She is a mother of 8 and inspires me so much, even as a grandmother of 5. She shares so much about her experiences as a mother bringing her children up in the ways of the Lord. Highly recommend it!

  22. I like your 12 random things...maybe this could be a weekly blog entry too? :)

  23. There was this blog I LOVED but, sadly, the blogger stopped posting. You may have heard of it--The Year of Less! It was a wonderful blog with lots of great ideas for a simpler/minimalist lifestyle. I miss it and hope you will share some more of your ideas HERE that you would have posted THERE to keep us on the path to LESS.


  24. Not that I have anything against dreadlocks, but your hair is so pretty and shiny without them. Thanks for the update!

  25. Like the list post. :) Just curious if you have any tips on keeping the dishes washed. We don't have a dishwasher, but I daydream about having one because I never have a sink that isn't full of dirty dishes. :(

    1. I don't have a dishwasher either, I do the dishes after breakfast and lunch have passed, and if I make a mess of dishes prepping dinner I wash those while I cook, and after dinner I try and at least wash the dishes, even if they aren't dried and put away, before we head to bed.

      In the morning it's awesome both ways... if my dishes are totally done I am really happy. If they are half way done, I'm almost done with one chore.

      There's almost always SOMETHING in my sink but I have learned to live with it, or if it's really bugging me, I just fill the side with soap and water, throw some of the dishes in and I feel like that looks cleaner than just the dishes.

      I used to let them pile up for days (seriously). It was such a mess. I am also looking forward to having a dishwasher one day... it will be so nice to hide them.

      And, I don't know how Kelly does it lol.

      Do you have any tips on getting all the nasty stuff out of sippy cups? (if you have kids) I can't seem to get everything out of them by hand.


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