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My New {Kid-Friendly} Organized Coat Closet

A year and a half ago I posted about our organized coat closet. And for sometime it worked quite well for us. But as my kids got old enough to put on and pull off their own winter gear and (in theory) put it away, the old system of coats on high-up hangers and hats and mittens in a bin on the top shelf was not working anymore. I needed a way to make the closet more accessible to them.

And I needed a way to do it without spending any money.  Because, um, I didn't have any.

What I did have is two cheap cubby shelves that I stacked on top of one another and screwed to the the wall.  I filled it with the same bins I had before, putting kids stuff in the lower ones and grown up stuff higher up.

I screwed some painted 2x4's to the wall and attached to them various mismatched knobs and hooks I had. The boards and hooks extend around the side of the closet to give us plenty of room for coats and bags and whatnot.

To pretty it up a bit I made letters to spell "home" out of a cardboard box and some scrapbook paper.

It works so much better for us in this stage of life than the old closet organization.  And I love it's mini mudroom look.

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  1. Where did you get your white bins from? I'm looking for some to fit my son's expedit bookcase.

    1. Hi Ericka! The bins are from the dollar store.

  2. That looks awesome!! I am trying to figure out how to get our kids' closets organized and workable, too, but I don't want to spend much money because I know we are moving within six months and our next house will, no doubt, be completely different. This gave me some good ideas! Plus, I LOVE the HOME out of cardboard. What a great, thrifty idea!

  3. Love it! You always inspire me with your creativity on a dime. I wish we had a coat closet here in Sicily; it would cut down on soooo much clutter.

  4. Beautiful, as always! I LOVE the new look of your blog!!! You are such an inspiration!!

    LA :)

  5. Cute! The 2X4s are a great, inexpensive upgrade.

  6. I love it! We're doing a lot of reorganizing/decorating without money ourselves, and it's encouraging to see something beautifully and simply done.

  7. I especially love your Thirty-one Organizing Utility Tote!! There are so many great organizing solutions that Thirty-one carries!

  8. Absolutely brilliant and a great way to keep all that stuff where it needs to be : out of sight!

  9. VERY inspiring! i've had an ugly house entry through the laundry room for 8 years... tried a million ways to make it look presentable. nothing has really worked as of late (for more than an hour anyhow;P). loving the random knobs and 2x4's and the cardboard "home", must do!

  10. absolutely love it!

  11. beautiful! this is my next project at our house, thanks for the inspiration. also loving the new blog design! :)

  12. You truly understand the essence of homemaking. What a blessing you are!

  13. Oh you so make me want to be more together and organized!

  14. You did a fabulous job on your closet mushroom makeover! You have so much more space now!

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  16. Any suggestions for an entry with no closet?

  17. Superb Closet,
    Creatively designed closet with very beautifully organized i love this awesome idea of coat closet. One thing i like most in this closet is the Home written above the closet great idea.....Thanks for this stunning share!


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