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Weekend Graces #2: Stocking up on Essentials

Last week I introduced a new weekly series called Weekend Graces.  Little acts of kindness to make the weekend shine.
 Every Friday morning I post a a small act of love, service or hospitality to bless the people we live with this weekend. 

This week's Weekend Grace is to surprise your loved ones with something ordinary that they need;  new socks, a toothbrush, their favourite shampoo.

My husband,who is a very practical sort of romantic, always seems to notice when my toothbrush needs replacing and brings me a new one.  A pink one, with medium bristles, just the way I like it.   And that simple act speaks volumes of love.  Because he knows me. And he loves me. And he sees my needs, often before I do.

Let's anticipate our loved ones needs this weekend and get them something they are going to need anyways before they even ask.  It's a simple way to show our love. And that's what Weekend Graces is all about!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Isn't amazing how the small stuff like that really does mean so much? Thanks for starting this series! We all need a little more love!

  2. It is the little stuff that makes a relationship special. My Lovely Hubby sometimes surprises me at the weekend and turns off the alarm clock and sneaks out to let the chickens out so I can have that blissful extra 30 minutes in bed. Extra lovely on a chilly morning :-)

    Sue xx

    1. Love it! But I have to admit I read "children" rather than "chickens" at first. But I was picturing him taking the kids out to do something, rather than letting them out of their no worries, ha!

  3. I love the concept of weekend graces. Your blog is just wonderful. Thank you for all of the great ideas and inspiration.


  4. Always a good idea to change toothbrushes OFTEN! Many fewer colds that way!

    I was thinking about these types of things... I clean my fiance's glasses for him. I don't know that he's ever thanked me, but I know he appreciates it as it is something he never seems to get around to :)

  5. I love this! I always love the small little things in life... like when my husband brings me coffee without me asking or when he cleans the kitchen when I'm giving the kids their bath!!! I like to surprise him by tidying up his sock/underwear drawer and buying him new as needed!!! He loves this and appreciates it most! My little boy, Bryson, loves it when I wash his favorite shirt EVERY day so he can wear it day after day!!! This series is gonna be my favorite!!!! <3

  6. My husband fills up my gas tank if he's driving my car. The best part is that he doesn't mention I have the tendency of doing.

  7. Love this- I read a blog a few weeks ago about keeping small ziploc baggies in your car full of some essentials for the homeless.. like a bottle of water, a granola bar, etc. I need to remember these things.

  8. Hi Kelly, your blog is such and inspiration! I was given a Liebster Award, and I wanted you to know that I gave a shout-out to you as being an influential blogger!! Thanks for all you do!
    LA :)

  9. I love your blog and used a ton of organizing tips this weekend on my house. I also framed some special pictures for my partner to put around the house as my special weekend present. It's easy to exclude guys when decorating (especially geeky guys who don't have anything that matches my decor style) so I made sure to incorporate some of the posters he loves but got frames that make it work for the room. Thanks for inspiring me and reminding me that the home should work FOR us.

  10. So precious! I will be using this. Thank you.

  11. I really love this idea. I've brought my boyfriend his favourite multi pack crisps as he can't get them in his town :D Can't wait to give them to him tomorrow, I'm going to add a bow, lol. Thank you


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