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A Million Great Uses For Binder Clips

Okay, so maybe they isn't a full million uses for binder clips here, but a million sounded a lot better than 50-ish. I love binder clips, they are an organizational workhorse, a true multitasker!  I keep a stash of colourful ones for organizing every room of the house.  Here are (nearly) a million uses for binder clips around the home.
In the kitchen...

  • Use them to close half-used bags of frozen veggies

In the dining room...

  • Use them to attach labels to the foods on a buffet.

In the Bathroom...

In the closet...

In the office...

  • Clip one to a desk or nightstand to keep USB cables handy. 
  •  Use it to add a pen holder to practically anything.

  • Turn the cover of any binder into a clipboard

In your crafty space:
  • Keep ribbon and notions rolled up and stored tidily.  

In Your Purse....
  • Clip coupons you plan to use to your grocery list.
  •  Use a binder clip to keep money in your wallet separate from other funds when necessary.  I do this when my kids have birthday money that's been given to them and I don't want to accidentally spend it or when I have to remember to give money to somebody.
  • Clip a pen to an inside pocket so you can always find it

More Ideas...
What did I miss?  Do you have a favourite way to use binder clips around the house?

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  1. Think I'm hooked - love your ribbon x

  2. Oh goodness - wowza of a list! We're in "Spring Cleaning" mode around here so the shower head cleaning idea is something I'll be doing really soon. And I really like the idea of labeling the clothes in the hanging closet organizer; I have a teensy closet and it would be perfect for shorts and tees....things I can easily stack or fold, and I'll still feel organized. My hubs is probably going to be wondering why I have so many clips throughout our apartment over the next week or so....

  3. Some great ideas... I was going to try to descale our shower head this weekend, but was unsure how to have it soak... I think this could work well!

  4. I use them to attach our outdoor Christmas lights to the house. Love binder clips!

  5. We use them as chip clips and to close bags of frozen veggies too! (I thought for sure I was the only one who did that!) I also use them on the cover of my planner to hold notes I don't want to lose. I would love if you visited my blog to see how I use binder clips to display my boys' artwork,


  6. thank you for the candy thermometer trick! i am obsessed with my new hobby of cheesemaking and i spend a lot of time standing in front of the stove stirring milk and holding a thermometer. now i can have a least one hand free! genius!

  7. Another kitchen use- I use them to hold cheese cloth over a collander for straining broth. We also used them to hold the cheese cloth over a canning funnel to filter and can our maple syrup.

    1. good idea! i will use that trick for straining the whey off my curds!

  8. I love binder clips also. I was excited to see this post and thought I was going to be able to give you another use for them. But, lo and behold, upon reading the bathroom section my idea was already listed. I use them for the end of toothpaste tubes too. Lots of great ideas I didn't think of though so thank you for the ideas. Love your blog. I think you are wonder woman.

  9. Clip onto a bowl to guide your yarn - display a photo ( similar to your place card/recipe card idea) - money clip - thread twine through and then clip n hang stuffies or wet mittens

    Great blog, always excited to see new posts :-)

  10. I am now in love with binder clips (words I never thought i'd say) who would have thought these simple little things could totally transform my existence (and binding my quilts)?! - out to buy a boat load now. Lovely post, and great blog, so pleased to find another like mind :)

  11. Jenny in the MittenApril 18, 2013 at 3:54 PM

    In our little bitty apartment we had in college, they held up our window curtains. Also handy when the button on your dress slacks pops off at work, a nice silver one looks like a belt buckle if the hoop side is removed on the out side of the pants.

  12. 1. Cloth napkin + binder clip = bib (great for older babied and toddlers who need more coverage and can get a Velcro.bib off).
    2. Use one on your pants leg when biking so the gears don't eat your pants. (My husband bike commutes and it works really well.)

  13. This is super cool! Thanks for sharing. I stumbled across your blog today and I love your ideas and your wise words. Bless you.

  14. I Used A Binder Clip Recently To MakE A Toddle Sunhat Fit An Infant Head!

  15. I use them in the car I am short and most seat belts are too big for me. A large clip near the top gives it that added comfort.

  16. Wow! What a list! I hadn't thought of a lot of those. I found you via pinterest today and appreciated your 31 days of organizing posts you did a couple of years ago. I notice you haven't updated in a while. Hope all is going well with you!


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