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The Ultimate Homemaking eBook Sale (97 books for less than 30 bucks!)

*This sale is now closed*

Okay, I don't normally write promotional posts like this. In fact, when news of this Ultimate Homemaking Ebook Bundle first started appearing in my email, I ignored it.  But when I realized what a great deal this is, and that the bundle includes many eBooks I've been wanting to read anyways, I changed my mind!  It really is an amazing deal.

Basically, this week only, you can buy 97 eBooks by popular, respected bloggers for only 29.97 

That's, like,  31 cents a book!

Here are a few of the eBooks in the bundle I am most excited to sit on my porch and read while the kids romp and play in the yard.  (You can find the full list of eBooks available in this bundle by clicking here.)

Easy Peasy Chores by Alina Joy @ The Good Old Days Farm (regularly $17.99) As much as I like to  plan and organize, our family actually doesn't have a chore system right now.  I can't wait to try this one out!

20-Minute Meals by Leigh Ann @ Intentional by Grace (regularly $4.99)~ Who doesn't need some quick and simple meals ideas!?

Simple Blogging: Less Computer Time, Better Blogging by Rachel @ Small Notebook (regularly $8.00) ~ I love Rachel's blog and I just know I'll love her book to.  She has a way of reminding you of what really matters without getting preachy or bossy.  I can't wait to learn how to make better use of what little blogging time I have.

 Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert by Erin @ The Humbled Homemaker (regularly $9.95)~ I am already a lover of cloth diapers, but I've heard that this eBook has a lot of great tips for newbies and cloth diaper veterans alike!  I can't wait to read it.

Six reasons to buy this ebook bundle today:
  1. Even if you only ever read a handful of the books, you are still saving money off their regular prices!
  2. You are supporting a bunch of funny, smart, talented and lovely bloggers.
  3. You will discover some bloggers you didn't know you loved!
  4. eBooks save paper and take up no room on a shelf!
  5.  Did I mention that there are 140$ worth of bonuses and discounts included in the purchase? (Click here to see everything included in the bundle, the bonuses are listed near the bottom of the page)
  6.  I am an affiliate, meaning I receive a commission if you buy the bundle through the links on my site.  So not only are you supporting those great bloggers who wrote the books and getting a ton of great reading material for a great price, you are also supporting this blog!  (Full disclosure: I'll likely spend the money on something teal.)

If you are confused (like, if you don't know what an eBook is or what to do with it....) you can find answers to some frequently asked question here.  You can find a list of everything included in the bundle and the fine print here.

This super deal is only available until May 4th.  Click the link to purchase the Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle today!  *the sale is now closed*

(and thanks for reading my little sales pitch!)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...(meaning I'm going to go write today's actual blog post: Chocolate Strawberry Smoothies!) 


  1. You know, I was on the fence about this one but you're right... it's such a good deal, and lots of books I want to read anyway. Alright, you've convinced me! :)
    Benefits all around, I love it.

  2. I kept seeing this on the blogs I read on a regular basis ad when I finally saw it on your blog it convinced me!! I am waiting for pay day tomorrow before I make the purchase but I am very excited about these eBooks and the bonuses!! Yay:)

  3. UGH! I love this bundle. I desire this bundle. We'll see if I get this bundle...
    It is such a great deal, but after deciding to do our year of less PLUS reading "7" currently, it is hard to spend any money without feeling like I don't actually need to.
    BUT, I love all these bloggers, plus it helps YOu, plus it helps HelloMornings, of which I am a huge fan.
    I know you probably don't care to hear my ramblings, but, all this to say, thanks a lot for encouraging me to go beg my husband to buy this ;)

  4. I was planning on buying this anyways but glad I saw that I could help out a fellow canadian mama in the process!


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