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{Simple Hospitality, Day 13} Simple, Fun, Elegant Napkin Folding

4 simple ways to fold serviettes / napkins.

Fun, fancy serviettes are a cheap and beautiful way to make an ordinary table setting a little extra special.  Why not practice these tonight on your own family?   I bet they'll be thrilled!

#1.  The fan in a glass

Take an unfolded napkin or serviette and lay it out on a table. Accordion fold it back and forth every inch until you get to the other side, fold in the middle and place in a glass. If necessary, use a small paper clip to secure the middle of the fan at the back.

#2. The Menu Envelope

Lay the serviette face down on the table.  Place the menu on top,  also face down, protruding one edge. Fold the sides of the serviette in to match the sides of the menu, and then flip the menu over to meet the far edge of the serviette.

#3.  The Bow Tie

Fold the serviette in thirds and then fold the long ends in to meet at the middle.   Flip over so that the loose ends are the the back. Scrunch in the middle and adhere with a small strip of cardstock and some tape.

#4.  The Napkin Bowl

Fold serviette in half on the diagonal.  Turn the folded edge up about half way.  Fold one end over and then the other (see pictures for clarification).  Flip the remaining tail around and, in a movement not dissimilar to rolling socks, flip the flap down over the front of the bowl securing everything in place. (It's easier than it sounds...just fiddle around with it until you have that "ah-ha" moment!)

Fill with a flower or candy and a place card, or in my case, chop-sticks!

This is day 13 in a series about simple hospitality.  Click here to see more.

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  1. So cute!! I love the bowl!!

  2. Great tips! I'm going to practise soon.

  3. I love that by doing this, a wrinkled napkin doesn't matter :)

  4. I love the bow. Oh my goodness, so cute!

  5. What beautiful table design! I love the cloth napkins. I am not always crazy about extra laundry, but I just remind myself that they're part of my green cleaning initiative :D

  6. I am having trouble finding the right type of napkin, some are not absorbent some are too rough. What is the best f&bric or blend to shoot for. And how do you deal w stains? Esp.chile, salsa amd oil.

  7. I love this! Thanks!


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