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{Simple Hospitality, Day 15} Simplest Holiday

Two of the greatest blessings I can think of are those family members who indisputably have crossed over to become close friends and friends who are family in every way except by blood.  We are so blessed to have both.

Some of the latter joined us for an impromptu Thanksgiving after being ill and missing their own family celebration.  It was last minute, stores were closed, the meal was simple.  But it still felt like Thanksgiving.

I served turkey soup made from our holiday leftovers,warm bread, pie.  They brought cider and laughter and we sat on the porch while the children explored the yard.

There were no decorations or appetizers or fancy table settings.  It wasn't an event, it was a holiday for everyone involved.

The night ended too soon with whiny kids and dishes stacked high and lives to return to with work the next morning, but we all parted feeling full and loved and refreshed and....


This is day 15 (several days late!) in a series about simple hospitality.  Click here to see more.

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  1. I read 'warm bread pie' and in my currently carb-craving-pregnant state I was super excited to see a recipe for this amazing sounding dish!!

  2. With the right attitude anything can be a feast and a holiday.

  3. simple life with a gratefull heart ... i love it
    bravo à toi douce Kelly
    from a french momy of 5 and follower of your adorable blog


  4. I love holiday gatherings that are low-key too. It's easier to bond and curl up on the couch with simple food and a casual atmosphere.

  5. Beautiful, Kelly! So thankful for these reminders of what's truly important. :)

  6. Your soup looks tasty. It looks just like the tomato-based broths I am forever failing to replicate. Would you share a recipe for that soup base?


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