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{Simple hospitality, Day 5} Nacho Supremo!

Simple, Easy and Delicious Nacho Supreme Recipe with Chicken

This is one of my favourite recipes to serve to guests for a casual get together.  It can be a snack, an appetizer, or a whole darn meal. And it's pretty much the easiest thing ever.

In a bowl, combine some chopped cooked chicken breast, a diced yellow pepper, and a small chopped onion.  Add the juice from one lime and a generous amount of kosher salt.   Chopped parsley or cilantro is a nice touch too if you have it, I didn't.

Sprinkle the mixture on top of your desired amount of tortilla chips.

Drizzle with your favourite barbecue sauce and sprinkle on some cheddar cheese.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes or until the cheese is melted and some of the chips are getting toasted around the edges.

Enjoy with salsa, sour cream, and good friends!

This is day 5 in a series about simple hospitality.  Click here to see more.

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  1. I'm looking at the chicken mixture and thinking, chicken pie :)

  2. Kelly, I find myself reading and re-reading your old posts because I find so much inspiration in how you think about things. I have really struggled for several years with our small house. (1,000 sq feet, one bathroom and pretty average all around) I SO appreciate that your blog has -real- pictures- pictures that aren't just copied from some Pinterest board. You let your readers see that life doesn't look like Pinterest and that's a good thing!

    Keep posting! You're fabulous.

    1. Me, too, Anon! Our is 1,300 sq ft but it is so builder basic it is not even funny! I find myself feeling self conscious about the fact that is it not fabulously decorated... and I think I need some finishing school classes on how to be a good hostess without stressing about every little detail! Maybe a future blog post, Kelly?

    2. Agreed! I find myself wishing my grandma were still alive, for many reasons of course, but especially because she was such a fantastic hostess. She always made people feel comfortable---and her house was 900 square feet. Still, it was the "warmest" house I can ever remember in my life. She made everything from scratch (sigh), kept everyone's glasses filled and didn't worry about things matching. (In fact, nothing matched. My grandparents bought everything at yard sales and auctions.) I think Kelly hits a lot of this with her posts about her dishes and not stressing about messes. Perhaps the question is how do you REALLY let go? I always start out with the idea that my 1,000 sq feet are just fine, thank you very much, and that my house is nice and I'm thankful for what I have. But then it seems one person makes a little comment about how there's only one bathroom, or I see someone younger than me buying a house 3x the size of mine, or I just start worrying that I'm not keeping up in general and I'm back to square one. I want to be the person that my grandmother was. If she was unhappy with what she had, I never knew it. As a kid, I actually thought my grandparents were rich because I had everything I could ask for and they showered me with attention whenever I was staying at their house.

      On the topic of future posts related to this thought, do you think that the art of hosting has died with our grandparents' generation? All 4 of my grandparents belonged to pinochle clubs, had poker nights and in general knew all of the neighbors on their street. Nowadays, I don't think there's a sense of community in neighborhoods. And I would even extend that to my own extended family- whom I might see once a year. Hmmm.

      Anon (aka Kasey :) )

  3. Hi, Kasey! I think a lot more than the art of hospitality got left behind in past generations. I read an interesting blog post the other day about tackling clutter the same way our grandmothers would- embracing simplicity, using it until it's no longer useable, having the mentality less is more, and a bigger sense of family time and love. I think a lot of us could benefit from a trip back in time.

    I am so type A that I get in my own way of enjoying myself because there is that little perfectionist in me trying to micromanage. This series is definitely for me... I feel God has been convicting me about my need to open my house and heart up to others which isn't always the easiest. I'm praying less of me, more of Him. Hahaha, I am currently being transformed over here!! (Romans 12:2) :-)


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