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Some Posts You Might Love From My New Blog!

I haven't blogged here at Imperfect Homemaking for ages.    But I thought it time to publish an update for those who still follow this blog or who have stumbled on it and enjoy the content.

I'm blogging daily these days at about simple living, faith, parenting and trudging together through the pain and muck of life.  Life has changed, I've changed, my priorities and focus have changed, but I can't not write.  It's in my blood to write.

If you've enjoyed it here at Imperfect Homemaking, here a some posts you might want to check out at my new blog.  Swing by and say "hi!"

On Living Simply:

On Parenting:

On Social Justice:

Faith and Culture:

This blog is still so near and dear to my heart.  Thank you to everyone who helped make Imperfect Homemaking an amazing online community.  I hope to connect with some of you at my new little corner of the internet.  


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