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A Nursery Update {and elephant mobiles}

A while back I shared my vision for our twin nursery.   I was hoping to have the nursery finished by the time I was 32 weeks along, (because who wants to be painting and sewing when they feel a million weeks pregnant?)  but considering that I'm 32 weeks on Friday and we've hardly started working on the nursery, I think I will have to set a new goal!

I have, however, been working on some little projects for the nursery! Like these elephant mobiles:

For the hoops, I went to the dollar store browsing for circles!  I came home with two of these picnic nets, which i tore apart and then I wrapped the hoop part in pink ribbon.

(I was going to use the strainers too, but didn't.)

I sewed the elephants out of fabric remnants and scraps.  The ears are burlap with fusible interfacing on the back.  The tails are bits of garden twine.   This project cost next to nothing, and I'm thrilled with it!

We may not be making much progress on the nursery, but I am keeping busy getting ready for these twins!  The bassinets are set up in our room, all ready for our sweet baby girls! 

Every time I see these two bassinets side by side it sinks in just a little bit more...holy crow, there's gonna be two of them!

Once the nursery is done I plan to do one of those big "reveal" posts where I give y'all a tour of the lovely new room.  Because I'm dramatic like that.   At this rate, you can expect that to happen ...oh... sometime before the twins graduate from university.

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  1. Congratulations: Two!! That's a great blessing. I always thought twins stayed in the same bed?
    Holy crow or maybe holy stork!
    Good job on your mobiles; those trunks musta
    been tricky.
    All the best,

  2. those mobiles are adorable!! you are so stinkin crafty. i also love the meal planning board! its too bad you didn't have more time to make and sell these things! but kidlets are much more important :)

  3. Congratulations, all the things are cute!


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