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{OrganizedHome} Day 24: How to Make Labels Using Picnik

Picnik is a photo editing site that offers both a free version (with minimal fonts and clip-art they call "stickers") and a paid version (with many more fonts, stickers and other nifty features.)  I'm going to show you how to use Picnic to make labels using the paid version, because that is what I have.  But you could create them on the free version by following the same steps, you'd just have less options.

Start by opening a new collage.  Change the background color to the color of your choice.

Click "done" to get to the photo editor.

Crop your shape if you want.  I wanted a square, so I didn't bother.
Use the text and stickers to create your label.

You can add borders by clicking on the tab labelled "frames" and choosing a border that you like.

When you are done click "save & share".  You can either save to your computer and print it as you would a photo,or you can print right from that "save & share" tab.

Once saved or printed, you can go back and create a similar label (for example, one with a different word but the same layout) by clicking the button "continue editing."

I printed these ones on card stock, laminated them, and attached them to the wall in my hall closet using double sided tape.

 I love labeling things.  AND I love laminating things. So a laminated label kinda makes my heart skip a beat.

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  1. I never thought of using the collage tool to make a colored background before, genius! I always made a colored shape in paint and then uploaded it. Do you think the picnik subscription is worth it? I've seriously considered getting it.

    What do you use to laminate? How much do those machines cost, usually? Geez I have a lot of questions haha

  2. Hi Jenn! I love my picnik subscription! If only for all of the fun fonts, I totally think it is worth it!

    For laminating, I just use the adhesive laminating pages...the type you don't need a machine to use. I've also used clear contact paper before, but it is a little too flimsy for most jobs.

  3. I use picnik ALL the time and never thought of this. So helpful! Thank you for the idea. ;)

  4. Hey girls, just a heads up Picnik is moving to google+. Also I don't have a picnik subscription and I'm able to use it fine. My husband is super super frugal so a subscription to Picnik would simply be too far to push him. lol I go the extra mile and edit in paint and other programs. It takes longer but in our family its all about saving the extra dollar.

  5. Picnik premium is free until they switch to google ! I think that's in April, so print your free premium stuff now :) !

  6. Try Picmonkey's new but by a few of the same engineers who worked for Picnik. VERY similar.

  7. If you have a Mardels in your town laminating is .25 a foot. REALLY cheap and a fabulous service.

  8. What do you use now that Picnik is with Google+? Can you create labels using Google+?? Please let me know how if you can. Thanks

    1. Hi sarah! I use now. It's very similar to picnik.

  9. I am giggling in delight. I have just about all of your ideas in my own space...Its like seeing my own mind at work! The only thing I have not done is a household organizer. On my list to do today! I am in the very very very early stages of doing my own blog. So just a shout out and a thanks! Its nice to know other moms out there are just like me :)

  10. Cute! So recyclables should be labeled after all. We just dump everything recyclable into one container. This one looks better... if you don't have a software, drawing them can be fun too


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