In pursuit of a simple, fabulous, imperfect life at home.

About Me

This tab is labelled 'About Me', but really, it's all about Him.

He has saved me from myself.

He has given me 6 amazing children that bring joy and wonder to my life every single day.

He has gifted me with a husband who's awesome love allows me to believe in love in a tangible way.

He has met with me in my deepest despair and rescued me time and again from my own self destruction.

He has turned this broken little girl into a thriving daughter of GRACE.

He is the lover of my soul.

He is Jesus Christ.

And to HIM be the glory. Amen.

I would LOVE to hear from you!   Just shoot me an email at:
kelly at imperfecthomemaking dot com,
and I will do my best to respond! Thanks a bunch  :)
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