November 30, 2016

Some Posts You Might Love From My New Blog!

I haven't blogged here at Imperfect Homemaking for ages.    But I thought it time to publish an update for those who still follow this blog or who have stumbled on it and enjoy the content.

I'm blogging daily these days at about simple living, faith, parenting and trudging together through the pain and muck of life.  Life has changed, I've changed, my priorities and focus have changed, but I can't not write.  It's in my blood to write.

If you've enjoyed it here at Imperfect Homemaking, here a some posts you might want to check out at my new blog.  Swing by and say "hi!"

On Living Simply:

On Parenting:

On Social Justice:

Faith and Culture:

This blog is still so near and dear to my heart.  Thank you to everyone who helped make Imperfect Homemaking an amazing online community.  I hope to connect with some of you at my new little corner of the internet.  


November 18, 2013

Time for Something New

Friends, I am giddy excited today, and also a little sad.

I've been blogging here at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking for 3 years now, and it has been a blast.  I've loved the community of women that have surrounded and encouraged me on this blog.

When I created this blog it really represented where I was at as a wife, mom, and christian.  But it is time for me to create a new space, one that sets me free to write about the things I am passionate about now, one that doesn't have "homemaking" in the title. (Although I will still post about recipes and DIY projects and, well, whatever!)

This blog will remain here, so you will still be able to refer back to it for recipes and tips.  I just won't be posting new articles here.  

So will you join me at my new blog  I can't wait to meet you over there!

You can also "like" my new blog on facebook here and follow it's RSS feed here.

Much love,

October 27, 2013

{Simple Hospitality, Day 18} Hospitality on a Budget

We've been a one income family for most of our marriage and I know what it is like to have to get by with what some people would consider an unreasonably small grocery budget.  And I know what it is like to spend your last 12 bucks on eggs and rice just to get through to pay day. And I don't want to  pretend for a minute that finances aren't a very real barrier to entertaining and hospitality. But I do want to encourage us all to rethink what hospitality looks like and to find ways to fit it into the budget when possible.  Here are some practical ways we entertain on a budget:

1) Serve soup and bread.  A homemade soup and some good bread (maybe homemade?) can feed a crowd on the cheap and is a cozy chance to gather around the table and build connections over good food!

2) Host a potluck.  Split the cost of a get together with your guests by each contributing a dish.  Not only is it thrifty, it's a casual and low stress crowd pleaser.

3) Extend an evening invite for snacks or dessert.  Why not have friends over for popcorn and board games?  Or tea and conversation?  Most of the people we invite into our homes have food in their own refrigerator and are hungry instead for personal connection, words of warmth and love and encouragement.

4) Use what is on sale or in season.  Check the grocery ads before making your menu so that you can reap the benefits of local sale prices.

5) Serve simple foods you would normally eat.  Please don't feel like you always need to serve baked brie and roast beef and individual lava cakes. Having friends over for your regular spaghetti or taco night won't add much to your grocery bill and will likely be thoroughly enjoyed by your guests.

6) Use what you have.  Decorate the table with flowers from the yard or a vase full of twigs and pine cones, or not at all.  You don't need to create a magazine-worthy table in order to bless your guests and be blessed by their friendship.

7) Cheap out on pricey ingredients.  Sometimes when I'm doubling a recipe to share, I don't fully double some of the most expensive ingredients.  Add a little less chicken and a couple more potatoes to that casserole, or top things with a little less cheese than usual.  Sometimes I even dilute the cream with some milk when making cream based sauces and soups.  Nobody will even know and your grocery dollar will stretch just a little bit further.

This is day 18 (several days late!) in a series about simple hospitality.  Click here to see more.

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October 21, 2013

{SimpleHospitality, Day 17} A Moms and Tots Brunch (And a Giveaway!)

*** This Giveaway is now closed. ***

Today I had the pleasure of hosting 9 lovely women and their young children for a moms and tots brunch.  The food was quite a spread but all the other details were super simple. A grocery store bouquet, one lit candle on the stove top, lots of chit chat and laughter, a sink full of dishes and toys on the floor.

A group of women with very different lives and struggles and experiences, united through food and friendship and faith.

It was exactly what my spirit needed today.  And I have a feeling that some of the other ladies felt the same way.

And Now for the Giveaway! 

Five of the recipes I made this morning were from my friend Beth's new ( as in, released today) cookbook ebook: The Breakfast Revolution: Recipes from Outside the Cereal Box.  And goodness friends, they were amazing.  Her Southwestern Frittata is about to become a regular around our house and the Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake? Autumn Awesomeness.

Plus, the recipes are gluten-free and made from real, good, healthful foods.  Chocolate Avocado pudding with no sugar, anyone? For breakfast?  Um...yes please!

With gorgeous photographs, 85 beautiful pages, over 40 kid-friendly real food recipes, and Beth's friendly down-to-earth words, this eBook is a valuable resource.  I can't say enough good things about this eBook.

And this week, 10 of my readers will get it for FREE!  Here's how to enter for a chance to win:

1) For your first entry: Just comment below.  Make sure to include your email address so that I can contact you if you win!
2) For a bonus second entry: Share this post with your friends through facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest....whatever!  And then come back and leave a second comment so that you'll be entered twice!

On Friday I will pick 10 (Ten! Woohoo!)  winners at random.

Plus, if you just can't wait until Friday to see if you win, Beth has a coupon code available right now (here)  to save 30% off the $8.95 purchase price.  If you win the giveaway and have already purchased the book, Beth will refund your payment! 

Good luck!

*** This Giveaway is now closed. ***

This is day 17 (several days late!) in a series about simple hospitality.  Click here to see more.

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