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21 Ways to Get Outside with your Kids this Fall

1. Build a scare crow on the front lawn.
2. Pack a basket with grapes,cheeses, crackers and homemade peanut butter cookies and have a fancy picnic on a blanket in the yard.
3. Go outside with some paper and watercolour paint to paint pictures of the trees.
4. Do some hooping.
5.Take a trip to a pumpkin patch.
6. Or visit an apple orchard. Then come home and make candy apples slices.
7. Or get lost in a corn maze!
8.Let them help with the autumn yard work.  Young kids can help pull weeds and spent plants from the veggie garden and put them in the compost.

9. Invite another mom and her kids over for a pumpkin carving party in the front yard. Don't make a big ordeal out of it, don't scour pinterest for ideas, just keep it simple and have fun!
10. Go for a walk and collect natural materials for simple autumn crafts like thankful cards or twig trees.
11. Invite friends over for one last bonfire and s'mores before winter sets in.
12. Visit a farmer's market, or some other open air market.  If you're lucky there will be a vendor selling warm apple cider!
13. Or better yet, visit a farm. 
14. Have a fall scavenger hunt.
15. Play tag.  Or hide and seek.
16. Have a photo shoot in some leaves.

17. Play thankful ball.  This is where you take turns throwing a ball back and forth but each time you throw the ball you have to name something you are thankful for.
18. Let them help plant bulbs in the garden for next spring.
19. Collect pine cones in the yard or park.  bring them home and display them in a bowl on the kitchen table.
20. Go on a nature walk. Take some field guides so you can learn about what you find.
21. Lay down in some fallen leaves and chat.

[This is day 21 in a 31 day series about celebrating autumn. Click here for more fall ideas!]


  1. These are fun ideas. We just went to a pumpkin patch with our family and I was really surprised how much my kids loved it. I guess the crisp fall air makes everything fun.

  2. Great ideas! We just came back from a fall outside in Sicily: hiking in the autumnal color on a nearby mountain (ermm... volcano, more on the blog this week!) and then visiting an Italian-style autumn festival (Ottobrata). I'm now home and making your husband's Hot Chocolate from Scratch!

    1. Sounds like great fun! Enjoy the hot chocolate :)

  3. I mentioned your blog on my blog today if you're interested in reading<3


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