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Setting Up a Cozy Breastfeeding Corner

When I was pregnant with my twins I read that it takes about 10 hours a day to breastfeed twins.  That's a lie.  It takes at least 23 and a half hours.

In all seriousness, breastfeeding is a big part of a nursing momma's day.  Even with only one baby, it is a precious, priceless and time consuming job.

So I decided to set up a little nursing corner to make things a little simpler and organized.

I stashed some receiving blankets, breast pads and other supplies in a cute basket beside my favorite chair.

  I added a stack of  books I'm reading, my bible, my journal and a chapter book that I like to read to the children during the mid morning feeding.

Some things you may want in your nursing corner:
  • a favorite chair and a lamp
  • breast pads, nipple cream, receiving blankets
  • your nursing pillow, or any pillow to prop baby up a little
  • a favorite blankie for you
  • a place to set down a cup of tea
  • your laptop so you can browse Pinterest during midnight feedings (pretty much my favorite past time lately)
  • some favorite decor items to create a nice may be spending a lot of time in this spot!!
  • the television remote, a stereo, the telephone, anything you often wish was in reach while nursing your precious bundle of joy!

There is one more thing I would like to mention.  While reading and surfing the internet and watching television might be a nice way to spend some of your feedings, don't forget to sometimes just sit and rest and quietly and enjoy your baby.  Right now, in the midst of it all, nursing our babies may seem like a common and ordinary task.  But really it is an amazing and fleeting gift.  Take the time to bond with your baby, to talk and sing to her/him.  Nothing on Pinterest can begin to compete with that miracle you are holding.

Please leave a comment and introduce yourself.  Are you breastfeeding a baby these days (or two?)   How is it going?  Do you have a favorite spot to nurse when you are at home?


  1. I just discovered your blog a few days ago - Hi!

    I'm still nursing my 19 month old! Granted, the nursing sessions are few and between what they used to be as a newborn, and no where near the length....and of course, she doesn't nap on me any more. This is one of the biggest things I miss, which is sad, as when she was a newborn, it was one of the harder things for me, being stuck under a sleeping baby - never thought I'd miss that, but I do! I think that's why I still nurse her to sleep for night times on our bed - it's that one time of the day where she just wants to snuggle and cuddle, and I can watch her beautiful, peaceful face as she falls asleep.

    When she was born - we lived in a studio apartment, so the only places I really could nurse was the couch or on the bed - which worked out perfectly fine for both of us. I had a large shelf, level with the couch behind me, so I would keep my supplies up there - and of course my trusty laptop at my side for when she was napping. Do be careful with your laptop though - my daughter spat up all over mine one day! YIKES! Brand new laptop, I might add! Haha.

    Oh - one thing - always have a large bottle of water with you! You never know how long you might be sitting in one spot - and keeping hydrated while nursing is so important. Sometimes I'd forget and be terribly parched by the time I could finally get up.

  2. I am a nursing momma. My daughter will be nine months old in a week. I was the first in my family to breastfeed so I had little help. Thank goodness I had a midwife and a super encouraging husband who helped my daughter and I establish a great breastfeeding relationship. It truly has been such a gift. I cannot imagine waking in the night to make a bottle. My laptop was such a big part of my sanity those first few months. And, I also bought a few seasons of my favorite tv shows on DVD for those late night/cluster feeding times. It made the wee hours of the late night MUCH more bearable.

  3. I love your breastfeeding corner. I set mine up the day before my daughter came during my nesting moment and I use it all the time. Originally I had it set up in our bedroom because she slept in the bassinet. I had my glider/ottoman, a side table, a very low wattage lamp, snacks, and bottles of water. I also moved an extra tv into our room so I could watch dvd's during the beginning when she nursed for 45 minutes. Now, three months later, she takes 15 minutes to nurse and I browse pinterest. I love nursing my daughter and the wonderful bond it has given us.

  4. I love the fact that your Bible has duct tape on it... that means it's well loved. I love looking at people's Bibles.

  5. I happened upon your blog from Impress Your Kids and my friend at Handmade Recess. I liked the title. I was just missing my cuddling stage of nursing. I nursed my twins for 13 months and my first born for 15. You're right...nursing the twins does take more time, but now that they just turned 3 I miss it. Thanks for your blog. I will be visiting often. Rebecca

  6. I just found your blog and am already hooked. My little one just stopped nursing at 19 months (her idea), so I miss our nursing time. I too had a nursing station-such a great idea.

  7. I just saw your blog on I heart Organizing!! I'm so glad I found you! While I loved breastfeeding my first son, I struggled breastfeeding my second son. I always felt so rushed... and found myself scrambling when it was time for breastfeeding. This is such a good idea!! I hope I get a chance to try this out! Your newest follower!!!

  8. I just came across your blog from someone's pinterest pin. I started browsing and saw that you are a nursing twin mom too!! My twin girls are 11 months old and are still exclusively breastfed, with solids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I'm always excited to find another mom who is nursing her twins! I love your organization ideas and will be checking back often!

  9. Frankly, I don't understand how generations of women up to now managed to feed their children without a smartphone and Pinterest! Insanity! I even used a baby feeding app for a while!

  10. I love this! I often hide in my room to nurse my little man. I nursed my oldest for 14 months, my middle for 17months and my baby just turned 1 and is not looking forward to stopping. I find myself rushed alot and havent taken the time to enjoy this short time with him. I really need to slow down before it is too late. He is my last baby.

  11. My daughter is 4 now. I nursed her for 10 months before she decided she only wanted a cup. It was the best time of my life and I miss it dearly. I rarely did anything but watch and enjoy her while she was feeding. I had a corner in her nursery with a glider and foot stool, my favorite blanket, a table with a small lamp, a drink and sometimes a snack. I miss that time very much. I wish we had room in our home for another child so I could share that time with another baby!

  12. Hi...I am Francesca, again...the one who is surfing all excited all around your blog!

    I am breastfeeding a 11 months old baby boy and I'm enjoying it so much!

    I use a wonderful cosy armchair with my books and my bed (I confess....he still eats at nights so I let him sleep with us!!).


  13. I just found your blog today- and besides imperfect housekeeping (mine is much worse), I love your take on how it "all" gets done (or doesn't) when you have several little ones and are crafting and doing a lot of homemaking and DIY projects. I breastfed my twins, and had a station that I almost always nursed at, with a comfy chair and a boppy pillow. I had no other kids at the time, so it might have been a bit easier. I tried to make sure I always had the phone, a water bottle, and a burp cloth there. Whatever I didn't have was always what I figured out I needed AFTER both girls were nursing! To save my sanity, I ALWAYS fed them both at the same time. Even at night, if one woke up, I woke up the other one to eat then. I tried feeding only the one while the other slept ONCE. Never again... The only exception was daytime with company. Then I would sit and nurse one at a time while the other was being adored.

  14. I stumbled across your blog and am snuggled up in my nursing chair reading and nursing right now. Even though my son is 14 months old we still find ourselves spending hours everyday nursing and surfing the web.


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