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Solving the "Is this my Towel?" Conundrum

We use our towels more than once before laundering them. I guess some people might think it's gross, but I figure you're just wiping clean water from a clean body.  It saves on laundry costs.  In theory.

What really ends up happening is we hang our towels on a hook or over a door and lose track of whose towel is whose.  On our way into the bathroom, uncertain of which towel is ours, we just grab a fresh one from the linen closet.  Wouldn't it be great to have some way of knowing whose towel is whose?

This is a really simple solution,  but the day I came up with this, I was seriously happy with myself:

Also, this new system has provided irrefutable evidence as which one of us has been leaving our wet towels lying on the bed.


All these years, and I was pretty sure it was him....


  1. Hi Kelly

    We reuse our towels too.. I wash them twice a week. We use coloured towels so we can easily identify them. My daughter got a monogrammed towel for Christmas and I thought if I had me the time I'd embroider initials on them. Love your solution though.. I bet your husband did too ;-)

  2. I've considered monogramming towels for each family member, partly so we can identify guilty parties. ;)

  3. See, I thought everyone used towels more than once because that is how my family operates. I thought I was the freak for only using them once.

    Love your blog. Seriously.

  4. That's awesome! I would forget to put my clip on my towel, so right now, we just assign hooks to everyone. That way, if a towel is missing, we know whose it is.

    Hooks hung lower for the little kids, hooks higher for mom & dad

  5. We hung a coat rack above our toilet and we each have our own hook for our towels. And they can hang well to dry.

  6. We hung a coat rack above our toilet and we each have our own hook for our towels. And they can hang well to dry.

  7. I monogrammed my towels with a 1, 2 and 3 to ID wet towels. Each kid got 2 towels with their number (pecking order) in their color choice. My towels laundry has decreased in a huge way!!! They have a hook in their room for their towels. It worked for me.

  8. Hubby and I have our towels hung in a specific spot in our bathroom, while the kiddos each have their own color. Guest towels are white, so the kids know that those towels aren't theirs (since guests & kids share a bathroom here.)

  9. We have different colors for each member. We have an over-the-door hanger for the bathtowels. On a side note, I bought huge beach towels in solid colors on sale for €4 each (a little over $3). They are great for wrapping up in, and the kids love them.
    Oh, and yes, we also use towels more than once.

  10. I did this for our towels in the camper. It seems like we go through so many towels when we camp. there are the bath towels and then swim towels.

  11. I only wash my towels when they start to feel dirty - you know, when you WANT a new one, not when you think you should get a new one. And that usually means I use a towel a couple of weeks before putting it in the laundry...
    I think it would be much more disgusting to destroy the environment just so people can feel as if they live in a hotel with clean towels after every shower!


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